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When creating content online, it is important to have a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy in addition to your content strategy. This will ensure that your posts are as optimized as possible. You can use SEO tools to identify ways to improve your website’s findability.

SEO can seem daunting to beginners, but there are several free SEO tools out there that are just as powerful as their paid counterparts.

Here is a breakdown of 10 of the best free SEO tools and software.

Best Free On-Page Optimizer Tools

Rank Math plugin

Rank Math is a WordPress plugin that allows you to optimize the content of your website. You can use it to add meta titles and descriptions and structure your data more easily. Just download and install this plugin on your WordPress website to use it.


Rank Math gives your content an SEO rating for every page. When you specify which keyword you are targeting, this plugin will suggest ways to improve your ranking for that keyword. You can also identify and fix dead links on your website and redirect URLs to new pages.

Yoast SEO plugin

The Yoast SEO plugin makes it easy to optimize your WordPress site and identify gaps in your content. If your site is running on WordPress, install and activate the Yoast plugin to get started.


The Yoast plugin allows you to improve and change your content in three ways: SEO, readability and social networks. Yoast lets you set meta descriptions, titles, canonical urls, as well as index / no-index pages and other backend settings on your site. This plugin assigns a readability rating to each post by measuring the length of sentences and paragraphs as well as other criteria. And Yoast also has great features to help you improve the sharing of your posts on social media.

Screenshot of the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin

Best Free Keyword Research Tools

Google Trends

As the name suggests, Google Trends helps you track the popularity of topics and trends in your industry over time. Use this tool to identify current trends and use this information to create a timely and relevant content marketing strategy.


Google Trends gives you a clear picture of how certain trends change over time, and how users’ search patterns change. To use Google Trends, first enter a keyword. You will see interest in this topic over time, which regions are showing the greatest interest, and other keywords that are searched for are related to this query. This tool works best when combined with other keywords to show comparisons of trends over time.

Screenshot of the Google Trends dashboard for the key work

Ahrefs Keyword Generator

Ahrefs Keyword Generator is a lite version of the full Ahrefs tool and it shows you the top 100 keyword ideas when searching for a keyword or phrase. To use this free tool, enter up to 100 keywords or phrases in the search bar. You will see a list of the top 100 keywords related to your search, as well as their search volume from the time the data was last updated for that keyword and keyword difficulties for the first 10 keywords in the list.


This tool gives users an idea of ​​what the full tool from Ahrefs can do and is perfect for those looking to explore some industry keywords. In addition to the keywords, you can also view the top 50 questions related to that keyword.

Screenshot of Ahrefs Keyword Generator and results for the keyword


Ubersuggest is a free SEO tool that allows users to generate new keywords and content ideas. This tool gives you a general overview of the keyword you are looking for. It’s a great tool if you’re looking for new ways to populate your social media or content calendar as the tool also shows related long-tail keywords and suggests content ideas based on the keyword.


When you do your keyword research, you will see monthly keyword search volume, ranking competitiveness, and average cost per click. The tool also gives you the average number of backlinks a website needs to rate for that keyword.

Screenshot of the Ubersuggest keyword tool for the keyword

Best Free SEO Tools for Analytics

Google Search Console

The Google Search Console (GSC), formerly known as Google Webmasters, can help you better understand how Google crawls and indexes your website. To use the Google Search Console, create an account and add your website as a property to the account. After adding your domain, make sure you are the website owner before you can access all of its features.


There are several features that need to be highlighted in the Google Search Console. One of them is that you can use it to diagnose technical errors on your website. It can also help you understand which keywords or content are ranking for your website.

Screenshot of the Google Console dashboard

Bing Webmaster Tools

An often overlooked tool, Bing Webmaster has a comprehensive suite of analytics to help you analyze and analyze your website. Create your free Bing Webmaster Tools account, add your website, and verify that you own the website. Then create or upload your sitemaps. When the process is complete, you can use the features and suggestions of Bing Webmaster Tools to optimize your website and its content.


The Bing Webmaster Tools can provide useful keyword research and reports, and can crawl your website to identify problems. This is a great way to get a virtual second opinion on your website or find new information that the Google Search Console hasn’t published.

Screenshot of the Bing Webmaster Tools dashboard

Google Analytics

To know if your SEO efforts are working, you need to analyze your website’s findability to See where your traffic is coming from. You may notice an increase in traffic after optimizing the post, but it may be from a different source such as social media. Google Analytics gives you detailed information about your website visitors as well as real-time activities.

Sign in to Google Analytics with an existing Google account and connect to your website. For the most helpful SEO information, pair it with your Google Console account. By combining the two tools, you can view the keywords that are found your website, determine your click-through rates for those keywords, and more.


You can use Google Analytics to see how people interact with your website. You can use Google Analytics to see how many people are visiting your website, where your traffic is coming from, how long people are spending on the page, and much more.

Screenshot from Google Analytics

Best free tools for link building

Ahrefs backlink checker

Ahrefs Backlink Checker, like the Keyword Research Tool, is a free version of the full tool that allows you to view the top 100 backlinks to every website you are looking for. To use this tool, enter a URL in the search bar and you will see the site’s domain rating, number of backlinks, and number of referring domains.


This free tool is great for checking light backlinks and analyzing your competitors. Even if you’re only allowed to show 100 links, this is a good place to start. You’ll see the total number of backlinks, links from referring domains, the site’s domain rating, and its URL rating.

Screenshot of the Ahrefs Backlink Checker homepage

SEM rush

Similar to the other tools mentioned above, SEM Rush has a free version of their robust tool. SEM Rush not only offers link building, but also help with keyword research, on-page SEO audits, content optimization, rank tracking and much more. Create a free account and access these features.


SEM Rush’s backlink analysis and link building tool gives you an in-depth look at your backlink profile. The free version limits you to 100 domains in the link building tool. However, you can identify your referring domains and backlinks over time, including gains and losses, and your backlink eligibility rating. The tool will help you identify areas where you can improve your link building efforts or where you can get more visibility online.

Screenshot of the SEM Rush backlink analysis tool

Final thoughts on free SEO tools

While SEO is a crucial part of the content process, it works best when combined with other marketing strategies like content and social media marketing. You can get the most out of your optimizations when you use both SEO and social monitoring software together. These free SEO tools can help you lay a foundation for these strategies.

If you use some social media keyword search tools, you can build an even broader web to learn more about what your audience wants. For more information on marrying your social media and SEO strategies, check out our post on How SEO Can Affect Social Media Marketing And Vice Versa.

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