10 Helpful Shopify Apps

By subscribing to the Shopify ecommerce platform, Shopify customers can use the platform’s shopping cart solution to sell, ship and manage products. Founded in 2004, the e-commerce platform now reports an annual gross merchandise volume of more than $ 61 billion and has over 500,000 merchants. While that number is enormous, being one in half a million can also be a little daunting.

If you’re trying to set your service apart from the other 500,000 merchants, Shopify has thousands of apps to help you tweak your commerce content. These Shopify apps range from email capture to photo optimization and everything in between.

If you want to increase your success rate on the platform, there are plenty of free ways to increase ecommerce traffic. However, Shopify apps are definitely the first place to look.

What are Shopify apps?

The Shopify App Store has thousands of apps for vendors. These Shopify apps act as plugins, expanding the functionality of a store and improving the customer experience. Vendors can choose a Shopify app to integrate with their store and get up to speed with new features in no time.

Browsing through the thousands of Shopify app options that promise optimized results across all sorts of categories can be daunting to say the least.

Which Shopify apps should I use?

To make it easier to navigate the Shopify apps landscape, we’ve selected our general “winners” in the Shopify apps section.

In no particular order, here are 10 useful Shopify apps:


Sumo is a Shopify app that identifies itself as a “Set-It-and-Forget-It” tool.

Sumo allows you to quickly and easily implement proven marketing strategies on your website. This results in less shopping cart abandonment, higher average orders, and larger email lists.

What it’s best for

The Sumo Shopify app is best for motivating customers.

Regardless of whether a customer wants to leave their shopping cart or leave your virtual window, Sumo automatically creates targeted incentives to convert these browsers into buyers. The app also provides data that you can use to look into customer interactions in your store.

Features of this Shopify app

This Shopify app lets you incorporate simple, straightforward marketing techniques like shopping cart reminders and exclusive offers. These strategies can help keep your business successful.

This Shopify app is easy to use and easy to replicate across all campaigns. She can help you make your ecommerce dreams come true.

Sumo Shopify Apps


Smile is a Shopify app and marketing tool that increases engagement to ensure you get more reviews for your products. This fun, effective plugin harnesses the power of emojis to increase engagement, build trust, and drive social response.

What it’s best for

By providing a fun interface for your customers to use to provide feedback and ratings using emojis, the Smile Shopify app can help you build engagement. This metric shows potential customers that your products are as good (if not better) than advertised.

Features of this Shopify app

This Shopify app’s utility makes it hard to beat. By using emojis as the preferred verification tool, you no longer have to go through lengthy written responses. This makes it easier for your customers to share their experiences with your product as they only have to click.

Smile Shopify apps

Rate me

Judge.me is a Shopify app and engagement tool that allows you to grow your online store by generating reviews through all modern marketing channels: web, email, push, and SMS.

What it’s best for

This Shopify app is best for generating reviews without asking for them. With Judge.me, users of the app choose an email template and Judge.me does the rest: automatically ask past and current customers for reviews.

Features of this Shopify app

As big fans of automation, we love how easy this Shopify app is to generate reviews for your products. In addition, the cross-functional features of Judge.me allow you to transfer these reviews to your social channels, increase awareness and reach new audiences.

Shopify Apps Judge.me


The Printful Shopify app is applying as your print-on-demand solution. By meeting all of the custom printing needs for your business, Printful makes it easy to create unique items. Printful also fulfills the inventory, production, and shipping components of your orders and covers the logistics so you can focus on design and curation.

What it’s best for

The Printful Shopify app is best for stores that sell custom printed materials. By optimizing the printing, production and delivery process, this Shopify app makes life easier for the seller infinitely.

Features of this Shopify app

We’re all for streamlined processes, which is why Printful made this list of Shopify apps.

By eliminating unnecessary steps in the printing and distribution process, Printful helps your business offer a wide range of custom printed items and eliminates unnecessary trips to your preferred shipping area.

Printable Shopify apps

Plug in SEO

The plug-in SEO Shopify app is an integration with which you can, among other things, continuously optimize your content for SEO

While no better than manual SEO, this Shopify app will help you manage SEO optimization and drive organic traffic to your shop with a simple plug-in.

What it’s best for

Not only is this Shopify app perfect for store owners who are not 100% satisfied with their own SEO strategy – it is for everyone. With the help of this Shopify app, you can optimize and improve Google’s search results so that your business becomes even more visible to potential customers using organic search.

Features of this Shopify app

The ease of use of this Shopify app also makes it a great choice for store owners looking to rank up without investing a lot of time and effort into the core of their ranking.

Shopify Apps Plug In SEO

Sales rocket

Sales Rocket is an all-in-one Shopify app that acts as a complete sales and marketing platform. The service offers the option of replacing the forty apps that you already have in rotation and goes one step further to optimize your business-related processes.

What it’s best for

Sales Rocket is specifically designed to increase your store’s load times and reduce app fee spending. At the same time, it helps your business make money. Sales Rocket uses features like scarcity and urgency timers, lead generators and conversion boosters, and brings you the power of many apps through a single platform.

Features of this Shopify app

With this Shopify app, you no longer have to need additional apps that slow your speed and lower your monthly costs.

Who doesn’t like to save money?

Sales Rocket Shopify Apps


Kit is the virtual assistant you didn’t know you needed.

This Shopify app is designed to make your life easier. She will help you increase sales and raise awareness by implementing marketing strategies.

What it’s best for

Kit allows you to create simple and effective Facebook and Instagram Ads. The app even goes the extra step of serving the ads for you, which makes social advertising easy. Kit also offers email marketing automation and sends emails to customers and prospects alike.

Features of this Shopify app

This Shopify app really feels like you have your own personal marketing assistant. Kit lets you know about marketing opportunities, identifies sales opportunities, and integrates with your other Shopify apps.

In short, Kit is the personal assistant we all dreamed of but never imagined.

Shopify Apps Kit

SEO site audit

Site Audit provides an in-depth site audit that gives you an unprecedented view of why your sales and conversions are not improving, and why your site is not generating traffic. This Shopify app will help you pinpoint problem areas and fix them with actionable steps from Site Audit.

What it’s best for

This is the second SEO-focused Shopify app to make our list. While Plug In SEO helps you optimize existing content, SEO Site Audit takes a deep look at your entire website and gives you unparalleled insight into how the composition of your website works. (You can also use Ubersuggest for this.)

Features of this Shopify app

Data. Is. Brilliant. Getting a real understanding of what works and doesn’t work well on your website can help fix these issues that hopefully lead to SEO success.


Vitals is a Shopify app that is vital to the success of your business. With the functionality of 40 apps in one, Vitals will help you increase sales by increasing conversion rate and eliminating page speed issues.

What it’s best for

This Shopify app is designed to improve all of the functionality of your website. From Facebook Pixels to SEO, Vitals has solutions for all of your website improvement needs

Features of this Shopify app

Vitals is the Swiss Army Knife from Shopify Apps. By bundling so many functions in one app, users get all the benefits of multiple apps at a lower price.

Shopify Apps Vitals


PushOwl is a Shopify app that can be used to recover lost sales. An automatic sequence of push notifications brings users back to their shopping cart.

This feature eliminates the need to collect personal information like name or email address, making it much easier for you to remind your customers of what they may have left behind.

What it’s best for

This Shopify app is best for sellers without a cart recovery strategy. If this includes you then you definitely need to get PushOwl asap and start recovering abandoned carts.

With PushOwl you can send push notifications through the browser and only ask customers to use their browser. The push sequence is infinitely editable, so you can enhance the original by changing the timing, text, or a coupon.

Features of this Shopify app

We love this Shopify app for its ease of use. With PushOwl no complicated forms have to be filled out. It’s just a simple series of push notifications.

Shopify Apps PushOwl


There are many strategies that your Shopify store can use to work, and Shopify apps are a great place to start.

The ten highlighted apps are just a selection of those available in the Shopify App Store. So you have a wealth of options.

Regardless of your budget, by integrating some, one, or all of these Shopify apps into your Shopify strategy, you can improve your understanding of the platform and hopefully convert a customer or two.

What’s your favorite Shopify app on the Shopify App Store?

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