2020’s Prime Advertisements in three Minutes; three Tech Developments That Will Change 2021: Thursday’s First Issues First

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This was a year in many ways that was different in many ways recently, but despite the mayhem, one of the most positive side effects has been that creativity thrived despite (or in some cases due to) the limitations marketers faced. We’ve already shown our appreciation with the top ads from all of 2020, but who has time for all of this when we’re all busy celebrating the downfall of a largely terrible year? Before you concentrate entirely on holiday films and celebrations over the next few days, Enjoy a visual feast of the best ads of 2020 in just three minutes.

Generation Alpha is coming and they are investing in the issues that affect our world, including climate change and science. Because of this, publishers like The Week, Time, and NowThis are launching new youth industries for this emerging generation, investing in young readers who can grow into adult brand lovers – not to mention creating gift deals that older current readers share with younger audiences can.

The reader of tomorrow: Discover this trend and what it has in store for the coming year.

Technology saw a meteoric surge in 2020, partly due to the pressures of the pandemic. This shift was particularly evident in the marketing world, which used a wide range of new tools and resources to stay creative and productive this year. Not every tool may persist in the “new normal” that emerged after the pandemic, but we have gathered some new technologies that are likely to continue to transform the way marketers work in 2021 and beyond.

Immersion: Discover the future of augmented reality, artificial intelligence and much more.

CPG makers had a strong year, with companies like Procter & Gamble, Clorox, and Smucker on the rise as people crouched, cooked at home, and focused on hygiene amid the pandemic. That boom is unlikely to decline until 2021 – even well into the year – and we have the numbers to show why.

Learn how to keep re-forged habits and encourage further growth.

It wasn’t long ago that many people swore they would never try a meatless burger, but more and more of us are now thinking way beyond the Impossible burger – and beyond the Beyond burger as well. In 2021, we can expect another wave of plant-based options of the future: The record-breaking sales in 2020 will have consumers craving for fake meat, nut milk, egg substitutes, vegan cheese and much more.

Learn about the kaleidoscope of herbal options to expect in the year ahead.

Further insights into the coming year:

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