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May 12


What was the most recent time that you had your large area rug cleaning? Recently? Ever? Rug cleaning is necessary to keep your rugs looking great.

Rugs are popular because of their unique decorative properties, which makes them difficult to replace. Also, high-quality rugs are not cheap so you may need to make a large investment in your home. They might also be prized possessions or family heirlooms.

Area rugs need to be treated with care in order for them to last longer. Expert rug cleaning is an essential task and not something to be taken lightly.

It is important to take the proper approach when cleaning your rugs to ensure that they are safe and last as long as possible. Our rug-cleaning professionals have five simple steps that you can follow to ensure your rugs are in the best possible condition.

Step 1 - Keep an eye on your filters

Even though you might not know it, your rugs do a great job trapping dust and dirt so that it doesn't circulate in your home. By changing or cleaning your HVAC system's filters frequently, you can reduce your rug's workload. You will see a decrease in dust and dirt particles landing on your rugs if the filters are working properly.

Step 2: Do not treat your rug as a floor mat

Doormats have one purpose: to keep dirt from getting into your house. You can make a simple change to reduce dirt coming in contact with your rugs, even if you don't have either indoor or outdoor mats.

Most people give their guests and relatives a place to clean their shoes before they enter their homes. But, you can take it one step further and encourage them to get rid of their shoes. This is a very common practice across many cultures. Shoes can bring all sorts of obnoxious and harmful substances into your living spaces.

Step 3 - Vacuum at the very least on a weekly basis

Vacuuming can be a great way for rugs to last longer and to make them easier to clean. Vacuuming is a great way to improve the cleanliness and health of your home. Make sure to inspect your vacuum bag and filter before beginning this chore. If you do not, your efforts might be in vain.

Step 4: Treat stains properly

Stains are not something you want to fear, especially if your children or pets have them. An accident can cause pain, headaches, and heartache.

It is important to immediately remove any stain. Waiting causes the stain to set and makes it more difficult for you to remove. Avoid rubbing the stain. Blot it gently with a tissue or a clean white cloth. This will prevent dye transfer. If you have stubborn stains to clean, it is best to hire a professional rug cleaning service.

Step 5 - Perform an annual deep clean

To reach dirt and dust deep within rug fibers that cannot be extracted with a vacuum, professional cleaning should be performed once per year. For the best results, choose a rug cleaning service that does not use steam cleaning.

Arlington Carpet Cleaners is aware that excess moisture and harsh detergents could cause damage to the delicate fibers of your rug's dyes. The newest rug-cleaning method utilizes carbonation to clean your rug with exceptional results without the negative effects of steam cleaning.

This method is also known as hot carbonating extraction (HCE). Your rug will be clean and ready to go in no time. HCE requires less water than steam cleaning. You won't have carpets that take too long to dry or detergents that settle in the fibers to attract more dirt. Additionally, HCE offers a wide range of stain elimination options and even an anti-static package to help protect your rug from future stains.


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