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Why Do Atlanta Lawyers Take So Long to Settle a Case?

Jul 15

In our recent study of case processing time, we found that medical malpractice and product liability trials had the longest processing times. That's because nearly 95% of tort cases are settled before they go to trial, and only about 3% end up with a jury verdict. Clearly, attorneys cannot accurately predict the time it will take to settle your case, but they can give you an accurate ballpark estimate based on your facts and the type of court you're in.

One possible reason for the delay is that the defendant is dragging the case through court. When court is backlogged, important hearings and settlement conferences are pushed to later dates. Because there's less pressure on both sides to settle the case, the defendant is more likely to drag the case out. That wears the plaintiff down. This is especially true if the victim suffers permanent damage as a result of the accident in Atlanta.

There are several reasons that delay a case. A client may suffer long-term pain or medical symptoms, which can prolong the settlement process. Furthermore, an Atlanta lawyer might need more time to gather evidence and evaluate the value of their claim. Consequently, he might have to wait for years to settle a case that could have been resolved earlier. In some cases, a defendant may try to appeal the case, which further delays the process.

Another reason for a prolonged settlement process is unexpected events. One in every 10 cases does not settle until after lawyers have been hired. The Atlanta insurance company might decide to fight the case or deem the settlement offer unreasonable. In such a case, attorneys may advise their clients to file a lawsuit. But if a settlement is reached, lawyers will continue to represent their clients through the case, and they will not pressure clients into accepting a lesser settlement.

Personal injury cases take months or years to settle. Atlanta Personal injury cases are usually complex, and the defendant may be eager to settle. Ultimately, the attorney must decide whether or not the full compensation is worth the wait. The time varies based on the complexity of the case, the location, and the defendant's desire to avoid a trial. The best approach is to negotiate an early settlement, but a slow settlement will only prolong the case.

In addition to confidentiality concerns, defendants may want to keep the details of the settlement confidential. In such cases, the defendant will want to protect the privacy of the settlement in order to prevent future claims. It may also be in the defendant's best interest to protect the reputation of its business by keeping the details confidential. When this is not an option, the lawyer will try to make a deal that will satisfy the defendant and avoid the risk of going to trial.

If a client agrees to a settlement offer, they will receive it within 30-60 days. If the defendant accepts, the settlement process will begin, and the Atlanta lawyer will notify the client by mail. The attorney will then discuss what will happen next. If the insurance company makes a reasonable settlement offer, the lawyer will adjust the ultimate goal depending on the client's wishes. Usually, the case settles in about two to four weeks, depending on the amount of time and complexity of the lawsuit.