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CTR Driver Launches the World’s First CTR Engagement Platform with Real Driving Directions

Aug 23

A cutting-edge cloud-based SAAS CTR engagement tool, CTR Driver makes use of the real Google Chrome and Google Maps applications. We are the only platform that can replicate driving directions with the native Android Google Maps app without the need for selenium, chrome or browser spoofing. Our system appears to be 100% authentic Android devices and bypasses all canvas spoofing detection and fingerprinting. Every actual Google search and every engagement are displayed from a real device profile. Each area is customized using the exact parameters for the top 100 smartphones.

CTR Driver is a fully managed, done-for you engagement service that takes the stress out CTR. We keep our system simple by encouraging genuine participation in legitimate Google apps. Simply input the URL for your maps, and we'll handle the rest. We do a geo-grid scan for your business to pinpoint the places where you're underperforming, and we subsequently focus on boosting the rank of these areas.


Do you need an additional 5 to 20 REAL interactions each day on your Google company profile?

In order to rank your Google Maps listing, CTR Driver is the only fully managed CTR service that engages users with authentic mobile browsers and native apps. All the work is done for your benefit. We manage proxy management, geo grid ranking monitoring and ensure 100% uptime for CTR engagement programs. Therefore, you are never required to check your VPS for tools that are prone to crashes.

CTR Driver is the FIRST app that allows users to request driving directions from the default Google Maps app, before they leave for their business.

We are the FIRST search engine that exclusively uses the official Google Chrome and Google Maps apps for mobile devices instead of a hacked version of the browser.