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O6 Demo and Cleanup

Nov 14

O6 Environmental, a St. Louis-based waste disposal company, offers services to help various industrial facilities maintain environmental responsibility. To comply with regulations, a manufacturing facility that is no longer in use must be properly decommissioned and then either dismantled or demolished. O6 ENV has years of experience with responsible dismantling, asset recovery, and safe destruction of decommissioned facilities. From experience with specialized tools to know-how in waste disposal, O6 Environmental helps hundreds of businesses safely comply with governmental regulations each year. 


O6 also specializes in emergency response and clean-up. A hazardous chemical release can be a threat to human safety and the environment. It is important to hire a company that has experience with cleanup across industries. O6 is that company. They have worked on many projects including the removal of coal tar from natural gas plants, cleaning a landfill gas scrubbing site, and disposal of industrial waste in warehouse fires. They are experts in the removal of hazardous materials like lead, asbestos, and mold.


O6ENV is headquartered in St. Louis MO. They offer services across the country. Their combined experience spans over 20 years in challenging projects. As one of the most trusted names in environmental remediation and clean-up, O6 is poised for continued growth well into the future. 

06 Environmental

6311 Bartmer Industrial Drive

St. Louis, MO