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Nov 16

 Are you searching for the hydroponics store near you? Look no further than The Indoor Earthworm hydroponics store. The Indoor Earthworm hydroponics shop offers the most current items that can aid you in growing healthy plants. We've got everything you require, from growing media, heaters , and water chillers, to net and fabric pots. Hydroponic equipment is available for both residential and commercial hydroponic gardeners.

 Why do we need hydroponics?

 If you're considering getting into hydroponics, you might be wondering what all the controversy is about. Growing plants in water don't seem all that complicated. Hydroponics is an excellent way for plants to grow.

 Hydroponic systems can provide a range of advantages for growers, for example:

 Higher yields: Since hydroponically grown plants don't have to contend with soil-borne pests and diseases they tend to outperform soil-grown plants.

  Faster growth rates: Hydroponically grown plants also have a faster rate of growth than plants that are grown in soil because they are able to access nutrients much more easily.

 - Hydroponic systems use less water and are more efficient in using water than traditional methods of gardening. Some studies suggest that hydroponic systems can use up to 90 percent less water than soil-based systems.

 Hydroponic Systems

 You can perform this type of gardening with many different hydroponic systems. Each one comes with its own pros and pros.

  Ebb and Flow System -- Sometimes referred to as the flood and drain method, this system uses nutrient solutions to flood the roots of plants and then drain them into a reservoir. The roots are constantly bathed in a clean, oxygenated solution which results in rapid growth. However, this system will require some care to ensure roots aren't allowed to dry out.
  Drip System Drip System is another popular hydroponic method. The drip system drips nutrients slowly onto the roots of plants. The drip size and frequency can be adjustable to fit the requirements of the plant. This system is very efficient since there is very little waste and the roots always get access to a fresh, oxygenated solution. It requires periodic maintenance to ensure the drips are working properly and that the roots aren't drying out.
  Wick System -- This easy system is ideal to help small plants or provide an emergency backup plan for larger plants. It works by wicking nutrient solution from the reservoir up into the roots of the plants. Wick systems are simple to set up and maintain, however, it's not as effective as other systems because some of the solutions may evaporate and be lost.
  Aeroponic System - This advanced type of hydroponics which uses misting heads that spray nutrient solution over the roots of plants. Roots are always exposed to oxygenated, fresh solutions, which leads to rapid growth. Aeroponics, however, requires costly equipment and regular maintenance to make sure that the misting heads are working effectively and that the roots aren't drying out.

 Essential Hydroponics Supplies

 A majority of growers will require several essential hydroponic growing supplies to get started:

  • Reservoir or tank
  • Stand and grow trays
  • Tubing and fittings
  • Air stone or pump
  • Net pots and fabric pots
  • Hydroponic media for growing 

Additional Hydroponics Supplies

  • You'll need to think about your particular circumstances.
  •  Water chiller
  • Water heater
  • Water filtration equipment
  •  Nutrient doses

 The Indoor Earthworm carries hydroponics equipment solutions for all kinds of grow rooms, greenhouses, and every style of growing our clients love. We offer a comprehensive selection of hydroponic systems, hydroponic kits, water chillers and heaters, and irrigation products including drip systems, water pumps, and many more.

 We carry hydroponics equipment from 30+ industry leaders. Find top-of-the-line brands such as Active Aqua, Elemental Solutions, and AquaBox to satisfy all your grow system needs.

 Hydroponics is a subject that we are always happy to discuss with you. Contact The Indoor Earthworm today to get your home or commercial garden's hydroponic requirements professionally evaluated or buy online and collect in-store (available at participating locations).



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