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Digital Marketing Agency Portland | Why WordPress is the best platform for small businesses

Nov 23


As a small business owner, you know that having a website is critical to your success. But what platform should you use? WordPress is the best choice for several reasons:


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WordPress is free. 

You can download WordPress and use it for your website without paying a single penny. This is a huge advantage for small businesses with a limited website budget. There are also many free themes and plugins available for WordPress, which can help you extend your website’s functionality without spending any money. WordPress is backed by a huge online community of developers and users who are always willing to help with any issues you might have. This makes it easy for anyone to start with WordPress without worrying about technical details.

WordPress also has a highly user-friendly dashboard that makes managing your website simple and hassle-free. You can easily add new pages, posts, images, and other content with just a few clicks. Additionally, you can use custom plugins and themes to give your website a unique look and feel that reflects the personality of your business. Finally, WordPress is highly customizable, so you can create the exact kind of website you want without learning web development or coding skills.

WordPress is easy to use. 

WordPress is a very user-friendly platform, making it easy to create and manage your website, even if you lack technical skills. Plenty of tutorials and online resources are available if you need help with WordPress. With its easy-to-use interface, WordPress allows you to create a professional website in no time. You can also extend the capabilities of your website with thousands of free and paid plugins and themes available from the WordPress repository. WordPress is also 100% mobile responsive, so visitors can easily access your content on any device.

Furthermore, it has built-in search engine optimization (SEO) features that help improve your visibility on search engines like Google and Bing. WordPress is an open-source platform, meaning it’s free to use and modify as needed. This means anyone with basic HTML knowledge can make their customizations or hire someone else to do it for them if they don’t have the necessary skills. With frequent updates that add new features and enhance security, WordPress is a reliable platform that will keep your website running smoothly. Additionally, its large community of users makes it easy to find help if needed.


WordPress is flexible. 

WordPress can be used for all kinds of websites, from simple personal blogs to complex eCommerce websites. Thousands of themes and plugins are also available, allowing you to customize your website to suit your specific needs. WordPress is also highly secure and can easily update to the latest version with a few clicks. This makes it an ideal platform for business owners who want to keep their websites up-to-date and secure. WordPress is also very user-friendly, so even those with minimal technical knowledge can create a beautiful website using this powerful content management system. With its wide range of features, WordPress can help you build your dream website in no time. WordPress is worth considering if you’re looking for an easy way to create your website.

WordPress is popular. 

WordPress powers millions of websites worldwide, including the most popular websites such as The Guardian, Forbes, and TechCrunch. This means a large community of users and developers can offer support and assistance if you need it. WordPress is also an open-source platform, meaning anyone can contribute to the development of the software. This makes it easy for developers to quickly add new features and make improvements. WordPress has a huge library of plugins, themes, and other tools that allow you to customize your website in any way imaginable. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems, with many options available.

WordPress also has various security features to help protect your website from malicious attacks and data loss. The software encrypts all passwords with industrial-strength encryption, helps keep track of failed login attempts, and includes automatic backups to restore your site if something goes wrong quickly. Finally, WordPress has excellent customer support, with a wide range of tutorials, forums, and other resources available to help you make the most of your website. All in all, WordPress is an excellent choice for almost any type of website. WordPress can provide the perfect solution for your needs, whether you’re looking for a simple blog or an e-commerce store. With its ease of use and powerful features, it’s no wonder that WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems around.



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WordPress is search engine friendly. 

WordPress websites are designed to make it easy for search engines to index and rank. This is important for small businesses that want to make sure that their website appears in search engine results when people are looking for products or services that they offer. Additionally, WordPress websites are built with SEO in mind and include features like optimized page titles, descriptions, meta tags, and structure that help search engines to understand your website’s content. This makes it easier for you to rank higher in search engine results and get more visitors to your site. WordPress websites are well-structured for mobile devices so that users can access them easily on their phones or tablets. This is a great feature for small business owners who want their customers to be able to find them on the go. Finally, WordPress websites are easy-to-use and customizable so that you can make changes quickly if needed without needing technical knowledge or experience. This makes it ideal for those who need more time or resources to learn how to code. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface and powerful features, WordPress makes it easy for anyone to create a professional website in no time.


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