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The Best SEO Tools to Check Your Website Backlinks

Jan 7

When you want to boost your website, one of the fundamental factors is to get backlinks that increase traffic. And one of the most important aspects at the SEO level is being able to check these links to see where they are, how they work and if they have the quality you are looking for.

Let's see why this is so important, and what are the best SEO tools for link checking and tracking at the moment to see links on a website.

Why is it important to have backlinks?

Google, as the reference to take into account when it comes to positioning a web page, looks at more than 200 points when determining how to do it. Although of these there are some that are more relevant, such as the authority of a domain or a page.

These factors are nourished by links from other sites. Therefore, the more backlinks you get from pages with authority, for example using a link building service, the better conditions to position yourself in search engines you will have.

To know which sites they come from, you will need to see links from a website and see how they are helping your positioning. These are the most useful tools that will help you achieve it:


This tool is not the first on the list by chance, since it is the one with the largest database to see the backlinks of a website. It's very intuitive and easy to use, and it even allows you to see which sites your competition has backlins on and you don't yet.

You can see which is the anchor with which you are linked and which are the contents that work best.

Highlight the free Backlink Checker tool where you only have to put the URL you want to analyze and in a matter of seconds you will have information about the authority of the site, the monthly traffic that comes from the linking website and even what type of backlink it is (dofollow, nofollow , content, etc).

If you want more information about this tool you can read this mega tutorial from Ahrefs.


Another of the names that always appear when talking about seeing links on a website. Its database is also very good, and it has been known to update to maintain good functionality as changes have occurred in the algorithms.

Something worth noting is the possibility of auditing the backlinks in search of those that may be toxic and negatively affecting the website in question.


MOZ's Open Site Explorer tool doesn't have as big a database, but the features its free version offers make it worth having on the list.