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Jan 14

There are several marketing research companies in the industry; hence you need to take time and choose the one best suited to meet your unique needs. Among the things you can look into to guide you is the years of experience, the skillset of the staff, and the service track record, all of which speak to the company's capacity. Slice MR is an experienced and professional marketing research company that offers quality Market Research Panel Companies service. We use a clear and organized process to execute every service we offer, putting us in a perfect position to provide quality data. 

We have a detailed workflow.

Working with a plan is one thing that has made us stand out in the industry, like the services we offer. The six-step process enables us to tackle every aspect of the research skillfully and increase the chances of having a reliable result from the processed data. The Online Panel Sampling process includes quote requests, survey optimization, programming, pre-launch, client testing, data collection, and data processing. Every aspect of the project gets thoroughly handled to ensure the results collected are safe. 

We use qualified personnel.

Working with data requires skilled and professional individuals to get the desired quality data. Through programming, we have the right set of professionals who do everything possible to get suitable systems that meet market research interests. Also, we have statisticians who analyze the collected data from the Survey Panel and give results in various forms depending on your desire. Also, we have reward processing mechanisms built into the system and is readily available to discuss suitable reward payment options. 

We use reliable techniques and tools.

At Slice MR, we have the tools and techniques to make your research successful with minimal or no setbacks. Our Panel Provider platform exposes you to multiple audiences in fields like B2B and medical practice. The different field persons give you varying survey responses that guide your decision-making process. Also, the programming gets done to match your unique research needs. 

We work within your budget and timeframe.

Research is a time-based process requiring everything to be completed within the set deadlines and timeframes. At Slice MR, our Quantitative Research Providers give you a quote depending on your budget and execute everything quickly and accurately to meet your objectives. Call us today for a professional and stress-free research experience. 

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