5 Essential Tools For Better Social Media Marketing in 2021

5 Essential Tools for Better Social Media Marketing in 2021

We just can’t imagine our life these days without social media. Pretty much everyone uses Facebook, Instagram, and other similar platforms. The reasons could be endless: meeting new people, staying in touch with people who have similar interests, being informed about events nearby and what statements are made by institutions, and much more.

Also, these days it is totally unacceptable not to keep your friends and relatives informed about the most recent photos and achievements you have made on a permanent basis, but it does take some knowledge to be in the social media realm. This field can be compared to any other marketing strategy as it must be carefully managed and based on a reliable strategy. Check out the tools we recommend the most:


There are many exciting things you can do with Buffer, such as: For example, you can automatically shorten the links you share, queue articles and content, add team members, follow a publishing schedule, track your content’s performance, and more. Buffer manages accounts on social networks by providing the ability to schedule posts for Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. The buffer can also be used to analyze the results.


Let’s say you have multiple websites and a Facebook account for each of them. Hootsuite can easily manage multiple social media accounts and you can log into them from a single dashboard. It’s even free to sign up for Hootsuite. This software also makes it much easier for you and your team members to work together. There are lots of useful features like a social media calendar where you can see all of your comments and mentions in one place and a lot more.

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Lua is a free online app that can be used to edit PDF and other types of documents. Before posting such files on social media, you may need to merge, compress, or convert them from other formats to other formats and you can definitely rely on Lua for such tasks! Anytime you have to play with PDF files and are not forced to install an app for it, you can easily rely on Lua for this job. Whether you want to convert documents like Word to PDF or convert images like JPG to PDF, Lua works seamlessly. This software also deletes all uploaded files from their servers so you don’t have to worry about someone stealing and working your ideas that you have invested in document files.

Sprout Social

Many useful social media tools are grouped together in Sprout Social, and the app is pretty similar to Hootsuite. Sprout Social offers social media planning, monitoring, customer relationship management (CRM) functions, and much more. The platform’s owners promise to use the full potential of social marketing to transform both a person’s marketing strategy and every area of ​​their organization. Sprout Social is a leader in ease of use, ROI, and user adoption, as well as customer support and satisfaction. The platform has been recognized by top software review sites.


With eClincher, the user can schedule and publish posts, analyze social media performance, and respond to social messages. eClincher even enables automatic posting with intelligent queues and RSS feeds. It has a media library for images and, last but not least: it allows you to search for social media influencers. Another golden rule of the social media world is that you cannot survive without the tips of influencers.

With eClincher, there are so many social media platforms to use: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, Home 9, and many more! The eClincher tool also promises to offer “an agile team with state-of-the-art technology and a persistent support team around the clock”.

If you’d recommend any other tool for better social media marketing, feel free to mention it in a comment below! Everyone has an opinion and who knows when the others would miss out on a great genius!

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