6 Finest Case Practices For Creating Thumbstopper Video

Why Thumbstopper?

The rapid rise of mobile devices as an advertising medium has challenged everything we know Attract attention and tell stories.

Research has shown that a consumer’s average attention span is barely 8 seconds. To put it in context, a second less than that of a goldfish.

According to Facebook, “Consumers only need a quarter of a second to process an advertisement on the cell phone. “

According to this revelation, marketers around the world are doing shorter, longer attention grabbing content.

Malabar Gold and Social Beat recently launched a campaign for International Men’s Day to promote Malabar Gold’s ‘Men in Platinum Collection’. Two thumbstopper videos have been released that aim to break the stereotype of macho culture and show how all men should be valued for their person. The video reached around 13 lakh on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. User interaction on the Malabar Gold Facebook page has increased by 450%! This shows that thumbstopper videos, if done right, can transform the way brands can connect with their target audience.

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and Facebook have launched what is known as the “first initiative of its kind to redefine the creativity of short-form mobile videos in the country,” the so-called Thumbstopper.

What is a thumbstopper? And how do you make an effective thumbstopper?

The thumbstopper is essentially a 10 second long vertical short form video creative built around a strong emotional core to tell a brand’s story.

This fascinating new content format solves every marketer’s problem Deal with short attention spans in an age of growing mobile advertising. Here are ways to find thumb stoppers for your brands.

A successful thumbstopper video should meet the following 6 critical criteria:

  1. Video duration
  2. Brand placement
  3. Flashy visuals
  4. Sound effects
  5. Big opening
  6. Element of surprise

1. Video duration

“52% of all brand lift generated by video comes from impressions that were viewed for a few seconds or less.” – “Video Viewability and Sales Lift Research” by Facebook and Oracle, September 2017.

As a rule of thumb, thumb stoppers shouldn’t be longer than 10 seconds. It can be difficult to complete your story in such a short time. You can try to present one moment, a reaction or a visual representation of the product benefit. For more complex stories you can use faster several “chapters” that has a bigger impact.

2. Brand placement

“Thumbstopper videos were able to increase ad recall by two times if branded within the first three seconds.” – Standout on the Feed: Optimizing Video Creatives on Mobile “by Facebook IQ, December 2017. It is best to present your brand in the first 3 seconds of your thumbstopper. You can do this by displaying a logo, popular speakers, flashy colors, products, or graphics. Also make sure you do Communicate your brand promise in a simple and attention-grabbing way to get the best results. You can do this by using cutaways to showcase multiple colors or variations of the product.

Load your concept or script from the beginning – put your brand promise and your core messages in the foreground as directly as possible.

3. Eye-catching visuals

MMA research shows that when an ad first appears on the screen (one tenth of a second), most of the time it is viewed as blurring, but even that instant blurring is enough to evoke an emotional response.

Make the most of the colors available to you: The use of color in advertising is often a very important strategybecause colors have an enormous psychological impact on people. Our brains connect to specific colors that bridge the gap between your brand and your TG.

As a best practice, use contrasting colors. This will highlight your creativity in a sea of ​​monotony.

And most importantly, embrace your branded colors. Use them repeatedly for yours Audience to associate your brand with these colors.

4. Sound effects:

Facebook created a system where you don’t have to turn up the volume to enjoy videos. Many brands and content creators have thought about how to embrace the silence and find ways to grab viewers’ attention without sound: the thumstopper is no exception

  • Use nodes and scripts that do not involve dialogue and are instead very visually appealing.
  • Make good typography your best buddy. Text and graphics make your message easier to understand in a subdued environment.
  • Make sure to always subtitle your thumbstopper video in case it has dialogue.
  • Make sure the background rating is reassuring, feels good, and bewitches the viewer just in case they turn up the volume.

5. Opening

MMA’s evidence study shows that people reacted strongly to human faces, body parts, or even symbols that are shaped like bodies.

For maximum performance, add a human element that is very emotional. The hero should be at the center of the story. Since we are all browsing our news feeds quickly, your brand must Make a real impression in less than 10 seconds. So bring your most exciting frame with you.

Get noticed quickly with branding or text. An interesting way to open it would be to use your brand’s hero element right from the start. You can also Use native videos as a thumbstopper with an opening ceremony as part of your video marketing strategy!

Try to use text captions at the beginning to emphasize the key messages. You can also add an interesting copy at the end of the thumbstopper so that the message will be engraved on the memories of your viewers.

6. Surprise element:

High performance cell phone ads always have an element of surprise. Introducing surprising design elements may seem counter-intuitive, but it can completely transform the display!

Use the various authoring tools already available on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Can the thumb stop be a boomerang or a hyperlapse? Did you use an IG sticker or poll in your ad?? The possibilities are endless!

You can write a creative scene. Is it possible to use time as a creative device? Does a new copy approach work?

There are several ways that you can innovate thumstopper videos. In the end, it’s all about making a tremendous positive impact on your brand. The idea is to create unforgettable moments and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Through the Malabar Gold campaign, Social Beat managed to achieve this. Not only did the Thumbstopper campaign have a visual impact, it also had a social impact, aiming to change the way people currently perceive certain practices in society. Social Beat, one of India’s leading digital marketing agencies, supports several brands across the country in capitalizing on their video marketing efforts through innovative, pioneering and impactful methods like creating unique thumbstoppers.

If you want your brand to reach millions of people, try the thumbstopper approach. You will not be disappointed!

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