7 of the Best Option to Enhance Your Social Media Shares

Social media shares are a valuable currency for brands today.

This is because approvals signal directly which messages, campaigns, and images appeal to your audience the most.

And on the other hand, a lack of stocks is often a sign of a lackluster content strategy.

However, getting social media shares is easier said than done when your audience is bombarded with so much content on so many platforms these days.

If you feel like your content is not eye-catching, we’ll hear you. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of seven low-hanging strategies that you can put in place ASAP to help promote more stocks.

Why do you need to track social shares in the first place?

Before we concentrate on the essentials, let’s briefly summarize why social aspects are important.

It’s no secret that engagement-related interactions (ex. Approvals, likes, and comments) are among the most important metrics to track. Maybe that’s why 48% of social marketers use stocks to measure the success of their campaigns.

However, some critics view social media shares as a vanity metric.

And these critics are not entirely wrong. After all, the number of shares a post receives isn’t exactly a measure of its quality. Look no further than celebrity tweets being shared or branded tweets going viral.

Sure, we want people to share our content. However, stocks don’t mean much if they don’t affect your business.

For example, let’s say you have a post that leads to thousands of stocks but no long-term engagement, new followers, and no sales. What’s the point

Let’s say the same post leads to some press coverage, lots of traffic and a flood of new customers. This is of course a win.

The real takeaway here is that, in order for stocks to be a meaningful metric, it needs to be somehow tied to your social media goals.

If you’re interested in brand awareness or community engagement, stocks are a direct indicator of your success. Brands should also go deeper than dividing numbers to understand why followers chose a particular post.

8 Simple Tactics You Can Use To Get More Social Media Shares

Now for the good stuff!

But first a quick disclaimer.

Remember that social media algorithms are fickle. There is no secret or no guarantee to get social shares.

Instead, your endgame should adhere to social advertising best practices while creating a foundation for shareable content. Any combination of the following tactics can help and is fair game for just about any business.

1. Prioritize the types of content you can share (videos, pictures, and breaking news).

It’s pretty well documented that visual content is among the most shared on social media.

Data from the latest Sprout Social Index gets right to the point. Pictures (68%) and videos (50%) are among the top spots.

Look no further than the popularity of TikTok and Instagram as evidence that bite-sized video content is booming right now.

Heck, the term “viral video” exists because the medium is so divisible. Whether it’s a quick tutorial or a mini commercial for your business, videos are great for getting your followers caught on their screens.

Meanwhile, infographics and visual representations of data are also spreading rapidly on social media. Because infographics are so easy to digest at a glance and readers don’t have to read a lot, they have a much higher approval potential compared to traditional posts.

Remember, social media is still a hotbed for news and “did you know” pieces. When in doubt, breaking stories and posting new information is a safe bet for stocks.

2. Create captions that make your posts more visible

In order to get more social shares and take advantage of the good sides of a social algorithm, you can’t afford to ignore your subtitles.

Deleting links and expecting engagement is a surefire way to reduce the reach of your content. Simply deleting links to videos and blog posts on your social feed doesn’t signal that your post is worth clicking, let alone sharing.

Some quick tips on how to improve your social subtitles to make them more valuable for sharing are:

  • Implementation of a hashtag strategy in networks like Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn (Note: According to research, posts with hashtags have a greater reach than posts without hashtags)
  • Use appropriate calls-to-action in your copy (think of “retweet” or “share this”).
  • Use the character restrictions in your post and give you the opportunity to include relevant, searchable terms in your copy (especially on LinkedIn, Pinterest or Twitter).

For example, if you have hashtags on your Instagram posts, it is more likely to be seen and reprogrammed immediately.

The same applies to networks like Pinterest, in which descriptions and tags increase the visibility of your content.

Example of using Pinterest search as a means to increase social media sharing

No, you don’t have to fill your subtitles with keywords. That said, you should familiarize yourself with the character restrictions on each social network and take advantage of the real estate that is available to you.

3. Make sure each post is cell phone friendly

The fact is, the vast majority of social traffic comes from mobile devices.

Fortunately, social platforms do most of the work when it comes to optimizing mobile devices. There are a few extra steps you can take to make sure you aren’t neglecting your mobile audience. This includes:

  • Make sure the graphics are legible, zoomable, and not cut off by the image previews (Twitter can make this difficult at times).
  • Include appropriate line breaks and punctuation in your social captions to avoid walls of text or hashtags
  • Add closed captions to your social videos so that all viewers can access them, even those whose phones are on mute

4. Time your contributions to perfection

This may seem like a no-brainer, but make sure to post your content when your target audience is busiest.

We actually have an in-depth guide that lists the best times to post on social media by network and industry.

Heatmap of the best times to post on Facebook for more social media shares

True, there is no secret timing trick to getting additional shares from users on social networks. However, posting content based on when your followers are most active makes sense for maximum visibility.

5. Piggyback on trending topics and content formats

Social media moves fast, as do the many trends.

Whether it’s trending hashtags or the latest memes, leveraging what people are already talking about is a proven way to earn stocks.

Trendjacking can be seen as effortless, but this certainly helps in building brand awareness and showing off your brand’s personality. Just make sure to read the room and use humor or trending content when appropriate.

6. Post content that stimulates an answer (questions and surveys).

So much of getting social media shares boils down to fueling conversations.

This is why question-based posts are so popular. Questions and polls serve as a kind of call and answer, and are a key requirement for stocks so that followers can get new people involved in the conversation.

The nice thing about question-based posts is that they don’t require a lot of creativity and work. By asking frequently asked questions, you can build a stronger sense of community with your audience while earning more shares as an added bonus.

7. Make social sharing seamless to all other marketing channels

Sharing is easy. How really easy.

At least it should be.

Your job should be to remove as many steps as possible when someone needs to share your content.

That means no copying and pasting or manual typing. Ideally, someone should be able to share your content with a single click or tap.

Finally, make sure you’ve made it easy for people to share your content and access your brand through social networks.

This means that you need to include social share buttons on your blog posts.

Example of buttons for sharing social media on a blog post

… or embed tweets in your content for readers to share.

Example of inline social sharing from a blog post

Beyond your website or blog, social share buttons should also be part of your email footer to turn your avid subscribers into engaging followers.

Example of inserting social sharing buttons into an email signature

And when in doubt, don’t be afraid to only ask for stocks when you’re particularly proud of some piece of content. The “like, share and subscribe” cliché on YouTube exists for a reason (note: it actually works).

Screenshot of YouTuber with social media handles and request for social shares

And with that we wrap our guide!

Are you happy with the number of social media shares you’ve received?

Getting more social stakes is a nearly universal goal for marketers.

Sticking to the tips above can definitely help. In the meantime, brands should be willing to experiment with different types of content and analyze what works (and what doesn’t).

Over time, you can define a content strategy that will result in consistent releases from your target audience.

If you want to know what shareable content looks like, or how you can expand the reach of your brand, you should familiarize yourself with today’s social media algorithms.

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