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Alpha Review



in this alpha review i’m going to be showing you a software that’s going to allow you to do 100 free traffic by leveraging the dominance of a whatsapp messenger and make sure you stay to the end of this review as i’m too going to be showing you how you can get a discount on the present you realize on the sales page and every single one of the ameliorates if you’re brand-new to my canal my refer is mike thomas i’m a seven representation affiliate marketer i do these reviews every single day so that you can get the best transactions on upcoming application directions if at any point during this review you want to check out alpha just go ahead and click the link below also delight like this video as it actually cures out with my youtube channel and i appreciate it and please knock that subscribe button and bell notification one last thing before we jump in now only want to show you my bonuses now that you’re going to be getting if you purchase this through my associate got a ton of special bonuses now all of them are going to be waiting for you inside of warrior plus when you are pick this up through my tie before we take a look at the sales page now just for those of you that are unfamiliar with this we’re going to be talking about whatsapp now whatsapp is a very popular messaging platform you probably employment it yourself or you at least know some other parties that use it i personally have it on my phone i use it almost every day a really popular way of messaging parties now instead of simply squandering it for your personal life-time you can even use it as a marketing tool expend this software let’s take a look at the sales page now together it says the world’s firstly whatsapp traffic answer push one button to drive free buyer traffic to any tie-up or move in 23 seconds flat uh it says autopilot traffic in 23 seconds became for absolutely rookies never before heard solution manipulate from residence prove the nearest air is wrong so essentially what this is if you gaze past all the hype that they have on the sales page and it’s pretty hypey they’ve got some income claims now which i i’m sure that they make this money i don’t know if they’ve procreated it abusing whatsapp marketing i’m always skeptical about that but they’ve got a big flamboyant auto now but i’m going to be showing you not just what it shows you on the sales page here i’m going to show you what it actually does inside this review here today so you’ll know what’s actually going on now because a lot of epoches these marketings sheets are pretty blind when it comes to what these softwares do but “i know i m” astonished by the fact that it even it does tell you what the traffic source is the traffic source with this is whatsapp now you’re going to make hundreds of dollars like by clicking a button uh probably not at least in the beginning you’re going to need to build up a directory of whatsapp people in order to do that you’re going to need to have parties that are giving you permission to message them if you do it you only scrape a bunch of emails or a knot of numbers from somewhere from people who don’t want you to message them you’re probably not going to get a very good result you’re going to get a lot of indignant messages back from people but essentially yes what this does it enables you to message beings they say that they did assessments here now these are their this is what they say that they did now i am unable to verify this but this is what they say they said their firstly test they prepared five hundred dollars their second test they concluded 700 and then their third one they constructed 1200.


These aren’t like crazy causes here um they might be using some kind of whatsapp marketing and coming some decisions it wouldn’t be unheard of for that to happen but again i’m unable to verify any of these declarations here so i just want to make sure you guys know that this right here i’ve seen this screenshot about a million times while doing these reviews i think people only keep on using it over and over again but with what’s it like if we get down to what it really does what what’s that sell will allow you to do is to market to parties to move mass senses to parties via whatsapp messenger have them show up inside of people’s inboxes and on top of that they give you a way of monetizing that as well so before i take you over to the actual like members area i want to show you here if you come to the sales page if you are considering picking this up you’re going to want to move your mouse away because you can get a 5 rebate if you do that and i make less money as an affiliate by demonstrating you that but i always crave you to get the best deal on the software so please give me a like if you like that i indicate you that i appreciate it so let me bring you over to the dashboard now this is the dashboard for for this product has a bunch of different stuff in here they’ve got a thing where you can search for agreements now what this is this is kind of like the monetization aspect of it so they’ve tried to make it into like a traffic and monetization tool here so what you can do is you can find an offer to promote you can check out like the sales page for the render you can click on now and it’ll take you over and present you the different the sales page for for the furnish that you can potentially promote and then it will give you the the seizure administers is where you would go over and you would apply for your affiliate connection for that commodity so you can go over here grab the affiliate tie-up for it and potentially start promoting that make so this this right here it’s a little bit off topic i guess i am aware of they’re trying to give a monetization a way of monetizing so this is this is something that you can use that they’ve added inside to the software they’ve also computed in a architect now what the designer does is this is a an ad creation tool this is kind of neat actually like you can pick one of these ones here like this one has a video going on the side like i can pick this one right here it’s got this little video playing right here i can go over and i can change that video out exercising this like i can examine the library i can sought for like i don’t know make money now and it gathers up a graphic if i just search for money i know it affords better reactions here so yeah i think i can grab one of these i can pull up one of these things that says you’re about to change it i’m going to supplant this video right here with this other one and glance it lets me change that i can click on these things uh and change like you can you can change the different uh what’s written here uh i’m apparently i’m messing it all up now but like you can go in here you can change all that you can add in your own likeness to it you can search the library of likeness you can add in text you can upload stuff into it you can add in different elements audio so this will allow you to create like a little ad that you can add into your uh what’s up what’s that contents so it’s kind of a little addition to what this does and probably that comes from one of their other software that they’ve kind of really included it into this but that’s a nice extra little think of it as a little bonus for this now here’s where the uh this this comes in here like what this does so what you do with this is you can actually create rolls of people now for this you can add in the whatsapp figures one per line and you simply compute in the phone numbers right here on this order so you add all that in here uh and then once you do that you can create a you create a list you computed in all your little counts there and then you can create a list of this you can create a use a wait between quantity moving so you can make it look a little bit more realistic when you’re sending to parties and then you can save that you can have all your different digits here save that and then what you can do with that inventory of numbers is you can create a you can schedule out different letters now you can employed meanings in now like you can paste in a entire thing now with like your affiliate link or something with personas and that’s where the image inventor comes in that’s why they have that in there and then you can uh go and you can preview what your message is going to look like you can add in different idols and stuff into that as well you can add those different likeness and videos and substance to your sense and then you can essentially go and you can share it out there now if you if you set up your history here and you share that out you can share that out there i don’t have it going out to a certain number right now uh but you can make it so it get out and you can send it out to all these different counts uh doing this and you can make it go to as numerous or as few people as you demand there are some limitations on the front end i believe for your numbered registers it’s up to like 500 parties uh if if i’m if that’s i saw yeah there’s like um the government has like 500 senses a month it looks like with this one and then there are limitations that are removed on the otos so that’s essentially the front end uh they do have some automation in some of the otos as well uh and uh some extra features there so let me bring you into those and substantiate you exactly what you’re going to be coming with the refurbishes okay so this is the firstly refurbished it says unlimited free purchaser trafficking in human just one second so you get unlimited traffic they’ve got 50 extra resources unlimited safaruss unlimited accountings so you can have different whatsapp details in there restraint messages unlimited uh one-click videos that you can create with it precisely it unlocks the unlimited position of this now what you want to do when you come to this page if you’re considering picking up is move your mouse away you get a 20 discount off this and on all of these various otos make sure you do this because i always again i want you to get the lowest price give me that like for that so again i’ll make less money but you guys get a better price for this and i want you to get the lowest price so that’s the first one now move your mouse apart on the second one you get 130 rebate accompanieds it down to 67 for the second largest one this is done for you says dump you traffic for this so i’m not quite sure how they’re done judgment commerce was working and most likely it’s okay don’t you set up done for you they say done for your marketings don’t for traffic private road x so a bunch of done-for-you stuff with this one make sure you move your mouse away the next one here again move your mouse where you get a 10 rebate for this one uh this is going to add up an autopilot boast for this so it will make it a little bit more automated and only make sure again that you move your mouse away and you get that lowest premium on that the next one now move your mouse away you get it down to twenty nine dollars a ten dollar discount this is going to give you 200 fund constituting templates for this one and the last one if we are moving forward our mouse apart for this one you get another 10 deduction raising that down to 29.


It says 50 ages click and move safaruss so it precisely gives you extra campaigns to sounds and go uh with this so again this these are all optional improvements pick and choose which ones you require and which ones you don’t never feel pressured that you have to get them all it’s up to you what you want to get and what you don’t want to get so what do i like about alpha and what don’t i been fucking loving it if i had to say something that i don’t like about it undoubtedly a lot of these marketings pages they’re very highly hypey attaining big claims of tons of money to be made yes you can make a lot of money online yes you can make a lot of money with affiliate sell but you should have realistic expectations whenever you are getting any kind of these applications like uh you time just know that they’re hyping it up uh but i want you to know what it certainly does and what’s really behind the publicity now for this so it’s a software that lets you do whatsapp commerce don’t spam beings don’t grasp a assortment of people’s counts that you don’t know and start messaging them make sure you have people’s permission to message them before you start sending them a broadcast what do i like about it i like the fact that this is actually a mode of going traffic i like the fact that they’ve revealed the traffic source  on the front end offer it presented it to you if you’re interested in doing whatsapp commerce and you require a highly inexpensive implement in order to do this then clearly check this out thank you so much for checking out my examine today if you want to take a look at alpha just go ahead and sounds the link below likewise delight like this video again because it really helps out with my channel and i appreciate it and if you’ve made it to the end you might as well made that agree button thanks for coming so much for watching and i’ll see you again in my next recollect video thanks


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