ATTN:, Barack Obama Take Instagram Customers on a Tour of A Promised Land

ATTN: and Former President Barack Obama are teaming up again, this time in a five-part social series to highlight key moments and topics from Obama’s new book, A Promised Land.

The series was created and produced by ATTN: in unique formats specially designed for viewing via Instagram feeds, short-form reels videos and stories. It will be released in the next two weeks.

ATTN: also shares content via Facebook and Twitter.

The themes of the five episodes are:

  • The Law of Restoration
  • The Influence of Strong Women on Obama’s Life
  • The Act on Affordable Care
  • Be the first black family in the White House
  • Climate change

The first installment debuted on Friday.

“I spent the first few days of my presidency pulling America and the rest of the world back from the brink of yet another global economic crisis.” – @Barack Obama

???????? Barack Obama reiterates the bipartisan effort that ripped us off the sidelines less than a month after taking office.

– attn (@attn) December 11, 2020

Custom made reels will also be posted on Instagram, where Obama will share new insights and backstories from his time at the White House. The first role shows the former president reading “Lose Yourself” live by Eminem.

ATTN: Co-founder Matthew Segal said in a statement, “A Promised Land will undoubtedly be one of the greatest presidential books in history, and we want to make sure the stories and topics find their way to younger audiences. We hope these new interviews and creative roles ATTN: has done will bring the guidelines and teachings of the Obama presidency to the next generation. “

Obama added, “In my new book, A Promised Land, I tell the story of what inspired me to be a public servant and the ups and downs of my early years in office, but I wanted to share some of the most important moments with you. That’s why I’m working with ATTN: on a new series that talks about some of the greatest moments these years have marked for me. “

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