Automation of Instagram Exercise With out Getting Restricted/Banned

Automation of Instagram activities without restriction / prohibition

The world of automation has grown immensely, with social media automation being extremely common in the present. Automating online activities with apps, cloud services, and even bots can improve engagement for posts from followers. A huge benefit is increasing the number of followers, although this tactic is against Instagram’s Terms of Service. Instagram would rather be engaged by its ads than other services.

Instagram changes over the years with updates made to restrict automated services. In the summer of 2019 there was an update that put other updates in the shade. The update reduced automated activity by more than 50 percent and certain actions are now classified as spam. A service like Combin Growth follows the security rules, but it’s still important to research the list of best practices when using automation with Instagram.

The importance of following the recommendation does not guarantee that they will not be banned. Instagram has best practices, but does not address the specifics and limitations of users. The list of actions leading to a ban is not explicitly stated by the social media giant. Combin has collected and studied data over time to create the best automation tool possible.

Fill out your profile

There are so many fake accounts out there that filling in your profile information is paramount. You should choose a profile picture, enter a description, and take some photos. Real photos are more authentic than inserting an archive photo as a placeholder. Automating accounts with no information is a big goal to get banned.

Confirmation of email and phone number

By confirming your email address and phone number, you can show Instagram that you are not a bot. Accounts are far greater targets when linked to an email but no phone number.

Don’t automate too quickly

Once you’ve created a new account, you shouldn’t start automating right away. You also want to avoid comment spam in order to get followers quickly. A slow increase in activity looks much more natural than immediately engaging with every item known to man. Your first two months should be approached with care, aiming to build a decent following with a combination of likes and comments.

Content matters

Content creation is the best way to attract followers on any social media platform. You need to make sure that you have hashtagged your photos appropriately so that they are searchable. You don’t have to take a photo every day as you can schedule Instagram posts over time. Your subtitles, along with the hashtags you have listed, can attract a number of likes. The Combin Scheduler can make this as seamless as possible.

Proxies are essential when automating multiple accounts

Proxies will be crucial in automating Instagram accounts. Before 2019, you were able to run around 5 accounts from one IP that was recently reduced to 2. You can invest in a virtual private network or VPN to change your IP with just a few clicks. By changing this IP address regularly, a user can avoid Instagram moderators who appear as suspicious logins.

In addition to other automation tools, Combin Growth offers the ability to connect from different IP addresses using an in-app proxy. This tool will allow any accounts associated with you to change IP addresses. Finding a proxy to protect your Instagram accounts can be done through Combin Growth or other companies that offer similar services.

Find out about activity limits

Being active as a massive level is the best way to grow your Instagram audience. Counting your activity on a normal day is important because you want your automated activity to look natural. You don’t want to suddenly increase your activity levels as this is a recipe for disaster.

Large amounts of comments should be handled with caution

Commenting can very quickly lead to a ban if done at the mass level. Custom comments should be posted evenly and avoid generic comments. Even an authentic generic comment can be flagged. So keep a variation in your comments. Combin has collected data over time on secure Instagram bulk comments that outlined best practices for this tactic.

Don’t do anything you think is spam

There are a number of reasons why your Instagram account could get banned. Offensive content is a common reason if you’ve been warned in the past. Hard work can be wasted on actions that are outside the scope of the automated service. Comments that are spam and are spread across hundreds of profiles can result in a ban. Make sure you make a list of actions that could lead to a possible ban and avoid them. You want your account to look as natural as possible. So look at it through the eyes of an Instagram.

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