Budweiser Marks Thanksgiving With Some Outrageous Merchandise

While Thanksgiving is sure to look a little different this year as the country grapples with another wave of Covid-19 and the threat of lockdowns, brands are doing their best to add to the excitement for America’s annual celebration of overconsumption.

Budweiser today launched two Thanksgiving-themed products to get its fans in the holiday mood: a turkey stand filled with Bud tins that offers fans a new way to cook a bird, and a lockable box of Thanksgiving leftovers so that people can Excess food can be retained.

The Bud Turkey Stand includes detailed cooking instructions. The basic idea, however, is similar to a classic recipe for a beer can chicken, in which the bird has to be filled with a partially full beer can and placed on the grill. For a turkey, just fill up a 25-ounce can of Budweiser and stick the whole thing in the grill.

Budweiser gives fans a discount when they buy both the turkey stand and the leftover locker.

“We’re excited to share a new Budweiser twist on the classic Thanksgiving turkey and a Budweiser solution for the best way to store and enclose coveted leftovers,” said Monica Rustgi, Budweiser’s Marketing Director. “We hope that Budweiser’s latest offerings will help make the cooking process and everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving leftover even more fun.”

Bud fans can easily lock away all of their favorite leftovers in the King of Leftovers locker box, which protects all those turkey bread lunches from thieves by conveniently installing a combination lock on the plastic container.

The themed products are available at ShopBeerGear.com, where shoppers can stock up on exclusive equipment from Nelly and Budweiser to branded Christmas sweaters and dog toys. With the code THANKFUL, fans get a 50% discount on the leftover locker when they buy both fall holiday products. The turkey stand is $ 26 and the leftover locker is $ 20.

Bud isn’t the first brand to bring out an absurd piece of merchandise in the run-up to Thanksgiving. Over the weekend, Arby’s dropped an even stranger product that doubles as a pillow, hat, and eye mask – in the shape of a turkey. The parody was supposed to debut live on Saturday night but was dragged due to last minute changes. Instead, his infomercial spoof spots ran on social platforms during the show.

In recent years, the reality has seemed like a parody.  So you could be forgiving that this 15-second ad, selling an Arby fried turkey pillow, appears […]

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