Camp + King Snaps Up AOR Duties for Function-Led DTC Unicorn Grove Collaborative

When Camp + King paved the way to the 2020 finish line, a new opportunity arose. The applicant was Grove Collaborative, a DTC natural home and personal care company based in the agency’s hometown, San Francisco, which is looking for a registered agency.

According to co-founder and CCO Roger Camp, everyone at Camp + King was “just really exhausted”. However, when he spoke to all of the junior partners and realized that Grove could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, the Havas-owned store hit the gas again, to the delight of the brand’s CMO, Lilian Tomovich.

According to Tomovich, she initially contacted 16 agencies, 11 of which returned her call. From then on, the list was reduced to four or five, but she found that Camp + King is the kindred spirit wrapped up in an agency that she believes can help her and Grove into the next stage of growth to enter. That’s why Camp + King was named Grove Collaborative’s first agency.

Grove was founded in 2012 by Stuart Landesberg and sells a number of well-known lines such as Seventh Generation, Method and Mrs. Meyer’s. But it also developed its own line of natural household and personal care products.

2021 will be a big year for the B Corp certified brand. Grove Collaborative reached unicorn status in September 2019, valued at $ 1 billion. Tomovich says the brand is $ 1.2 billion after another round of funding and is ripe for the broader market to learn about the company.

“2021 will be our breakout year,” said Tomovich, noting the need to engage Camp + King to “position for the future and develop breakout work,” which Grove hopefully becomes the “next P&G for natural beauty and home care “catapult products.”

Grove is ambitious and has a lot of potential. Numbers suggest that more than 2 million customers have bought from the platform, and the average annual growth rate is a staggering 160%, with a growth rate of 4,500% since 2016. The performance ranked Grove 51st on Inc.’s list of 5,000 fastest growing private company in America.

Jamie King, Co-Founder and CEO of Camp + King, stated, “There are over 20 million people at the sweet spot who want to be good behavior and create households that are more sustainable, have less impact on the environment and yet want less quality products . “

One of the biggest advantages of Grove, according to Tomovich, is that it is 100% plastic neutral, the only CPG company that can make that claim. The next goal is to be plastic-free by 2025, and the company’s sustainability page describes the way forward. Grove’s packaging is moving towards reliable recyclable materials like glass and aluminum and has asked all third-party brands selling on their website to meet their goal of being plastic-free within the next four years.

“If you want to participate in our market, you have to be plastic-free by 2025,” said Tomovich.

Tomovich was Chief Experience and Marketing Officer at MGM Resorts for nine years and Senior Marketer at Mastercard for nine years. He noticed the difference in working for a company with a purpose.

“There are companies where the purpose is some kind of an afterthought that makes pithy statements about how to make the world a better place,” said Tomovich. “But Stu[Landesberg]really wants to lead the CPG industry and be a driving force. “[Landesberg}reallywantstoleadtheCPGindustryandbeaforceforgood”[Landesberg}reallywantstoleadtheCPGindustryandbeaforceforgood”

In terms of what Camp + King will bring to the brand to take it to the next level, Tomovich is confident that working with a founder-run agency that is consistently part of the process is a huge plus.

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