Chick-fil-A’s Christmas Advert Searches for the Magic That Can Reignite a City’s Dimmed Spirit

Vacation ads often love to show families getting together as they remember the spirit of Christmas, and fast food chain Chick-fil-A was no exception with their McCann animated ad last year.

The brand’s 2019 spot focused on a magical store called The Time Shop, where a kid named Sam finds a way to get their parents to break away from their adult duties long enough to make a snowman.

Now Sam and fam are back for a second year and are discovering a new shop – SwitchWorks, which has switches that can be used to activate almost anything. Will business have a way to light up the city again in a year of darker windows? The spot clearly references the bleak experience of wandering communities amid Covid-19 lockdowns, and the healing is, perhaps unsurprisingly for a vacation ad, an act of kindness to others.

“2020 has been a tough year for many people, with challenges and heartaches we never expected,” said Ashley Callahan, senior marketing director, Chick-fil-A. “But it was also a year in which many shone brightly and did kind and generous acts – many of which we have seen firsthand through the actions of our guests, team members, and others in our communities. These little kind acts give all of us hope and are the inspiration for this year’s holiday film and digital experience. “

In addition to the 2-minute spot, Chick-fil-A and McCann created a microsite to send messages of “hope, gratitude and kindness” to loved ones.

Here is a look back at last year’s vacation spot:


Client: Chick-Fil-A

Jon Bridges, EVP, Marketing Director

Joe Saracino, SVP, Brand Strategy, Advertising & Media

Ashley Callahan, Senior Director, Integrated Creative

David Rowe, Senior Principal Team Leader, Integrated Creative

Haley Shue, Sr. Project Coordinator, Integrated Creative

Emily Thomson, Senior Product Lead, Customer Technology and Insights

Sara Storck, Director, Brand Strategy

Rich Cutter, Senior Principal Team Leader, in-house creative agency

Alok Nath – main team leader, internal creative agency

Nikki Barnett, Sr. Project Specialist, Inhouse Creative Agency

Alston Foster, Head of Design, in-house creative agency

Monique Birkeli, director of the internal creative agency

Allison Fortune, Project Leader, Restaurant Communication

Georgia Gray Wilson, Senior Project Specialist, Integrated Creative

Gillian Mauldin, Head of Design, Brand Strategy

Emily Randall, Senior Team Leader, Integrated Creative

Lynah Stone, Sr. Project Coordinator, Integrated Creative

Katie Joiner, Senior Team Leader, Integrated Creative

Lindsey Harrison, Sr. Coordinator, Integrated Creatives

Amy Wells, Senior Lead Advisor, Marketing Investment

Tresa Spencer, Senior Principal Team Leader, Marketing Investment & Consulting

Chelsea Lee, Senior Team Leader, Public Relations

Arlenis Almonte, Senior Project Leader, Integrated Creative

Dustin Britt, Senior Director, Marketing Investment & Consulting

Ross Grimes, Senior Principal Team Leader, Marketing Investment & Consulting

Rachel Geist, Senior Counsel, Corporate Legal

Bill Hightower, Director, Corporate Legal

Natalie Williams, Senior Counsel, Corporate Law

Hannah Cataldo, Sr. Project Manager, Operator Communication

Agency: McCann

Devika Bulchandani, President of McCann North America

Sean Bryan, Co-Chief Creative Officer of McCann North America

Tom Murphy, McCann North America’s co-creative director

Veronica Bertran, McCann North America’s chief client officer

Larry Platt, Executive Creative Director of EVP, McCann New York

Danny Rodriguez, EPP Executive Creative Director, McCann New York

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