Dakota Burford – The value of evergreen sales funnels

Dakota Burford – The value of evergreen sales funnels


Dakota Burford, a public speaker and entrepreneur in the digital marketing world, reveals to audiences his evergreen webinar strategy that helped him grow Luxvoni from $100k/year in revenue to 8-figures.


Now more than ever, as businesses struggle to get back on their feet after the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, exemplary marketing is crucial for success. Dakota Burford shares innovative webinar tactics that transformed his business from 8 figures in revenue with one online event–to help everyone involved scale up and transform both B2C & B2B companies in 2022


Evergreen webinars are typically pre-recorded, automated, and available on-demand. A webinar is essentially a seminar or workshop held over the internet that results in a recorded webinar with unlimited reach. Dakota Burford shares his insights as to why this type of content has the power to skyrocket sales:.


“Evergreen webinars are the way to go if you want your customers chasing after you as their prize. This strategy allows you to take yourself and automate everything so that it delivers value for pennies on the dollar 24’7 365, making sure that there is no other company like yours in existence!”


Dakota’s webinar took him over 260 hours and four months in scripting alone, but it comes down to the time that goes into creating this type of content. Other creators have had monthly revenue as low as 10k for their own webinars, yet Dakota has generated millions with his.


Evergreen webinar strategies are extremely beneficial for marketers looking to distribute content that will have long-term value. The framework Dakota Burford uses in his evergreen strategy is a meticulous process encompassed in four simple steps:

The Luxvoni Sales Funnel Recipe 

  1.  The Introduction — pre-frame and handle objections, build authority, create intrigue in order to commit with the audience. (10-15 minutes)
  2.  The Content — Where the subject matter expert reveals three secrets to educate and build status, starting with a fine outcome that’s based on an overview of what comes next in content. They give social proof through third-party narrative stories and ask for another macro commitment at the end.(20 minutes per content section x 3 sections = 60 minutes.)
  3.  The Transition — where a subject matter expert will give a 60-second recap of the entire content section by leveraging leading, open, closed and loaded questions to subconsciously get their audience into “yes mode”.
  4.  The Close — Where you present the offer in which the audience is presented with a free consultation or $2,000 product. Once the offer is revealed using drop pricing model, stack bonuses are leveraged for scarcity and then q/a can engage objections before closing deal

Dakota Burford, the CEO, and founder of Luxnovi Marketing Solutions is a dedicated business leader who has always had an eye for innovative solutions to help companies scale. With proofs-of-concept, patience, and persistence, his purpose-driven vision came true to assist businesses to achieve unprecedented growth. The 4 step framework above is his recipe for success that has worked for countless companies and industries.


To learn more about Dakota Burford, Luxvoni, or to watch the webinar, please visit: https://luxvoniwebclass.com/registration1602201764235


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