Design Tips to Create a Top Performing Local Real Estate Website

To create a perfect real estate WordPress theme, you need to add some essentials and some varieties. Nowadays, every real estate agent needs a website. And most homebuyers prefer online searching for homes more. The websites are easy to access, and one can surf through different sites in just minutes. 

So, to increase traffic to a real estate website, first, you need to design a great website.

WordPress real estate themes are easy to design and easy to customize. So, this is a fitter method to start your business online. To develop a real estate WordPress theme, you need to remember some things carefully. The site should be detailed and well sectioned. It should be easy to access with quality pictures and videos. 

Here are some tips for designing a top-performing local real estate website:

  1. A home page with a search engine:

You need to add a modern home search engine on the home page. Thus, a consumer can easily access and search for the place. The search engine should be able to identify several types of keywords. Like, city, area, road no etc. 

  1. Different community pages:

There should be different pages for different properties. Each page should be dedicated to each community. So the consumer can get a clear idea about the area. 

  1. Maps:

Your IDX should include updated maps with the property information. This is easy to customize with WordPress. This will give a clear idea about where the place is situated. Also, about how far it is from other sites.

  1. Quality pictures and videos:

You should always include high-quality pictures and videos on the site. If possible, add a 3D virtual tour of the property. 

  1. Calculators for payments:

You can always include a rent calculator. They should be able to show rent, down payments, installments, total payments, etc.

  1. Details of the agency or agent:

You need to dedicate a page for the details of the agent. This will include their location, achievements, and other prospects. Here, the information should be legit and precise. You can also add the licence and consumer numbers on the site. This should be generated automatically. 

  1. A page for contacting:

There should be a page dedicated to contact the agent or broker. This can include a form with name, number, and mail address. So, they can submit their queries. 

  1. Live chat:

Many of the sites now include a live chat option. This enables the consumer to contact the owner of the real estate page directly. Communication gets much easier because of this.

  1. Insert news about real estate:

There should be a page dedicated to analytics and stat results. This can be of surveys done by the agency, feedback, etc.

  1. Blogs:

Real estate blogs should always be included. This will consist of the advantages of some places, properties, etc. They can always help to change the customer’s mind.

With all these included in your real estate WordPress theme, you’ll get a perfect website. A good website will not only generate traffic but also make it easier for people to reach out.

Now you just need to pick a great performing WordPress theme for your site. Here is a well-researched list to pick from.


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