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Increase in team motivation

There are a number of reasons why employee motivation in the workplace is critical. First and foremost, Alexander Djerassi appreciates the idea that the motivation of the employee teams in the workplace enables management to easily achieve the company’s goals. In a workplace where employees are not well motivated, the company in question may find itself in a very risky situation. Team motivation is very important for this reason and a great way to get the job done. There are a number of ways companies can increase team motivation by combining the knowledge, skills, and energy of their employees to produce the best results.

Ways how companies can increase team motivation in the workplace

1. Recognizing the great work done by the employees

One of the best ways to increase team motivation in a company is to recognize the hard work of each team. Indeed, statistics show that employee morale and motivation often improve significantly in most workplaces. when the hard work they try to do is recognized by their superiors.

This makes a lot of sense as an employee who has put a lot of effort in the workplace and is not recognized may lose the psyche to be a high performing employee.

2. Offer some opportunities for self improvement and development

In any team in an organization, there are always some members of the team who may be of greater value to the organization compared to others. The others who are not valuable in terms of skills should be identified so that they can be guided through appropriate training that can help develop their skills. The entire team can also be exposed to training opportunities that can be of great help in improving their skills. This can include training in the latest technologies, etc.

3. Help nurture and encourage great collaboration within the team

Research has shown that there is a good percentage of employees who feel that their contribution is never fully appreciated in the workplace. Because of this, they may lose the psyche and motivation to actively participate in activities at work. For this reason, those responsible should encourage all members of their team to actively participate, for example by making suggestions on how work processes in the workplace can be better improved. Ask them questions, listen carefully to the answers they give; and if possible, let them implement your suggestions. This way every team member feels important and is therefore well motivated.

How Alexander Djerassi believes motivation is critical to the success of a company

Alexander Djerassi firmly believes that motivation is very important for the success of a company. This is mainly because highly motivated employees give in to the increased productivity of a company. Because of this, the organization in question will have a very high input and will therefore easily be successful.

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