Fb Political Advertisements Ban to Go Again Into Impact in Georgia Wednesday

Facebook confirmed that ads on social issues, elections or politics will be banned again from Wednesday morning in Georgia. The two runoff elections to the state’s Senate will close on Tuesday.

The social network imposed a perpetual ban on ads of this type in the United States that went into effect on October 27, or a week before election day.

However, under pressure from both sides of the political gang, Facebook reversed course on Dec. 16, lifting the ban on authorized advertisers in the state, while rejecting ads targeting locations outside Georgia or not relevant to the specific runoff election.

Wall Street Journal’s Emily Glazer reported Tuesday that advertisers had been informed that ads related to the runoff elections would be paused “early Wednesday” and that no new political ads could be created.

Facebook’s email to advertisers said in part, “This is part of our ongoing efforts to reduce the risk of confusion or abuse,” said Glazer, adding that the company will notify advertisers if it chooses to end the ban to end.

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