Fb Provides AI to the Covid-19 Neighborhood Assist Combine

Facebook’s community help hub, which enables its community to request or offer help after the coronavirus pandemic, receives help with artificial intelligence.

The social network announced last week that it is using AI to detect public posts in the newsfeed that mention that the authors of those posts need help or have suggestions to share through community help, with the aim to reach more people.

Facebook added that half of the posts on its community help hub were received this way.

Should the post author decide to share the post on Community Hub, AI will be used to recommend matches between people who offer or seek help, and to provide notifications of updates on new matches.

According to Facebook, the function is available in 18 languages ​​worldwide.

The social network wrote in a blog post: “We launched our Covid-19 Community Help Hub earlier this year to help people request or offer help from their neighbors. Now we’ve added a new AI-powered matching feature to make it quicker and easier for users to connect with those who offer the specific type of support they need. For example, when someone posts a quote for the delivery of groceries, they will see suggestions to contact people who recently reported the need for this type of assistance. When someone requests masks, the AI ​​shows up on neighbors who recently posted an offer to make face coverings. “

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