Find out how to Get Heard on SoundCloud: Working Music Advertising Methods

How To Get Heard On SoundCloud: Working Music Marketing Strategies

Regardless of the genre, SoundCloud is the best platform to start your musical career. Whether it’s a demo, your first release, or your third album, the platform has been shown to have a significant weight in music marketing. It’s easy to use, free listening, and great social tools make the streaming platform one of the best out there. SoundCloud is vital for producers, singers, and songwriters as it serves as a social network unlike other digital streaming platforms.

Like any other network, it is difficult to be heard when the markets are saturated with music. There are ways to be asserted and heard, however, and SoundCloud paid followers are here to help.

Quality & consistency trump everything

Your product (productions, vocals and overall sound) must be of high quality. We’re not saying you have to be on par with XXXTentacion or Avicii (both started through SoundCloud). However, once you reach a certain threshold where your music is just as good, you have high chances of gaining followers. For example, even if you try to achieve a 70% goal of your music that is as good as the professionals, the audience will remain. It would be helpful if you had “that” factor that sets you apart from the thousands of other artists on the platform.

Consistency is now also an essential factor. This is a constant theme in the debate between quality and quantity. If you can get one good overall song out every three to four weeks, you’re golden. With this formula, you are constantly on people’s radar. Think of this scenario: you publish a good song and people are following you on SoundCloud. If you consistently publish high quality music, you will become a favorite with those followers. In return, they will spread the word about you.

Their goal is to find a balance between quality and consistency. While it may take some time to show, it pays off.

The good old technique: download gates

One of the first techniques that you should use as an artist, label, or network is to use download gates. Use download gates to exchange a download for social currency. In this case, it’s either a SoundCloud comment, follow, repost, or all three. When you combine this method with the aforementioned balance between quality and consistency, you will quickly gain followers.

Even if not many people download MP3s these days, there is still a niche market. DJs and people who like old-school and don’t care about monthly payments to streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music are the best examples of those you want to appeal to.

Repost circles and trades

One of the best things SoundCloud has to offer is the repost feature. You can exchange reposts of each other’s music with other artists in order to have more contact with people. It depends on the number of followers you have. However, this is a significant opportunity to bring your music to a wider audience.

There are groups on Facebook and on the internet where people exchange these repost trades. You can even close a small circle with other artists on SoundCloud and build each other’s followers – it’s a network.

Use your other social media accounts to improve your SoundCloud

There is no rule against sharing your SoundCloud-based music on other social media accounts like Facebook. Use your real friends to help spread the word. If you have the right circle of supportive friends, you can get your music known pretty quickly through their Instagram stories or retweets. If you have a download gate, this method will also get you followers. Don’t be afraid to use your community as a tool that leads to your music.

Send your music to YouTube music networks

One of the best ways to hear your music and get followers on SoundCloud is to submit your music to YouTube channels. You can find emails or forms in the About sections where you can submit your song for review. There are hundreds of channels doing this for every genre. If you can conservatively get 5,000 views of a video and 100 of them want the song, use your download gate and you will get 100 followers of it.

Most YouTube music channels can get anywhere from 5,000 to 100,000 views on average. If you have high quality music, you will most likely get a few videos from different channels. High quality music + download gates + YouTube videos will get hundreds of followers even when you start with SoundCloud.

Join the SoundCloud community

As mentioned earlier, SoundCloud is a social network. Reach out to other artists in your category and give them real constructive criticism. Don’t reach out and say, “Hello, I like your song! Follow me! “Instead, say,” Hey, I found your music and it looks like mine. I like the bass line you used; how did you do it? ” This will get the other artist to review your music naturally and it will not force it down their throats.

That way you network and they can help you in one way or another. You can also use it to create a repost group. Build real connections and it will pay off.

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