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Organization starts at home

What is the first thing that springs to mind when a person is described as organized? We generally see this person as someone who is successful, a real doer or trendsetter. Being organized is another way of saying that a person’s life is orderly and orderly. This element of organization in any life will usually bring discipline, and discipline will bring prosperity and fame.

For many, home organization starts with housework. Making beds, taking out rubbish, washing dishes and putting them away, folding clothes, putting away toys after playing, mowing the lawn or washing the car creates an early appreciation for structure. Having an assigned task at home gives a person purpose and enables them to grow and mature. A mature person is not only an organized person, he is also responsible and reliable. Organization is often associated with order or cleanliness. When the above household chores are assigned and performed on a regular basis, a home and office will be clean and organized. An organized home or office is a welcoming place where everyone who walks in is comfortable.

The organization also speaks volumes about a person’s ethnic work. When the organization appears in a home, there is usually a schedule. A schedule saves time and brings order. Time is a valuable commodity that cannot be redeemed. The organization that has a schedule in a home enables a person to plan and execute projects carefully, but more importantly, it teaches a person to respect time, theirs and that of another person. Organization helps a person plan, prioritize and achieve all the goals they set in life.

For many successful people, organization is a must. One such person is Diego Ruiz Duran. His success has been one of Mexico’s premier criminal defense lawyers for over fifteen years and shows the role organizations can play in a life and career. He has a master’s degree in criminology and criminal justice. He studied at many prestigious schools. He is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge. With these hits, organization would be a prerequisite for academic success. His rewards and accolades in his professional career are also there for being an organized businessman. He learned that the organization improved his job performance and, as a young lawyer, made him feel more in control.
Being organized like a lawyer is a choice. Diego Ruiz Duran is quoted as saying that being a lawyer is not an easy career choice, but a passionate one. Just as passion makes a diligent organization, one does conscientiously; Both require accountability and can lead to success. Organization is the skill that makes it possible.

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