High 10 Quickest Rising US Businesses within the Northeast

New York is home to some of the largest agencies in the world, and this list is no exception. Add in great stores across the Hudson and as far as New England and you have branded powerhouses. Here are the 10 fastest growing agencies in the northeast by percentage change in sales. (* Designates the winner of several categories. The number in brackets stands for the overall ranking.)

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Transport engineer (2) *

  • Headquarters: Bayville, NJ
  • Growth: 1,997%
  • Select customers: Draper Media (Delaware), Gray TV, Pepsi Frontline career
  • Classification: Digital

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Stadiumred Group (3) *

  • Headquarters: new York
  • Growth: 1,619%
  • Select customers: 7-Eleven, Disney (ABC and Fox), FX Networks
  • Classification: All-round service

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Superbolt (7) *

  • Headquarters: new York
  • Growth: 1,061%
  • Select customers: Antares, from humanity, stud earrings (earrings)
  • Classification: All-round service

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thesis (9) *

  • Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY
  • Growth: 996%
  • Select customers: Lennar, Nuts.com, renewal by Andersen
  • Classification: Digital

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SourceCode communication (10) *

  • Headquarters: new York
  • Growth: 944%
  • Select customers: Clio, Everlast, sitting (app)
  • Classification: Strategic communication

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Allionce Group (12)

  • Headquarters: Norwell, Mass.
  • Growth: 754%
  • Select customers: General Mills, Mondelez, Walmart
  • Classification: Experience

The Allionce Group is a specialist marketing agency that helps brand marketers reach and connect with those who visit US zoos and aquariums. The agency has gained credibility and trust through years of fun and entertaining campaigns. The main source of growth over the past three years has been organic growth and collaboration with two of the world’s leading brands, Mondelez and General Mills. “Our mission is to connect brands with parents and young children in one of their most authentic and connected moments while having an uninterrupted time together as a family,” said Mark Giovino, CEO and Founding Partner.

Social sciences (14)

  • Headquarters: new York
  • Growth: 622%
  • Select customers: Birchbox, OkCupid, Panera bread
  • Classification: Digital

A key philosophy of this digital shop is to hire experienced business development professionals to help drive growth. The agency’s continued investments in the tech stack, machine learning and artificial intelligence, as well as the acquisition of two startups for influencer marketing data, further solidify their further path.

to be successful (18)

  • Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY
  • Growth: 416%
  • Select customers: Burger King, JetBlue, Sports Illustrated
  • Classification: Experience

Makeout operates both as an agency and a manufacturing facility at the newer excavation sites in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Regardless of whether you work on the basis of open briefs or existing concepts, the agency breathes life into its clients’ projects. In addition to creativity, growth also arises from expanded work in production and consulting practices.

Oliver North America (19)

  • Headquarters: new York
  • Growth: 380%
  • Select customers: Adobe, H&M, Unicef
  • Classification: All-round service

Oliver was founded in 2004 as a company that exclusively designs, builds and operates internal agencies for brands. As in-housing continues to grow, brands rely on internal resources to respond with quality, speed, and flexibility. Oliver has become the premier in-house capability building solution and has grown by adding new services for customers. The company expanded worldwide through the establishment of networked agencies in new markets. “Our model is designed to help brands do their marketing better, faster and cheaper, and we are delighted to see that it is having the desired impact on their business,” said Kristi VandenBosch, President of Oliver US

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