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How Anyone Can Make Commissions with Every Solo Ad Run

Jul 26

How Anyone Can Make Commissions with Every Solo Ad Run


Welcome to traffic domination podcast where entrepreneurs come for traffic answers and here are your hosts Rob Reese and Wayne Pro hey what's going on guys Rob Reese here along with Wayne Crowe your hosts for the traffic dominate from podcast how is everyone doing today let's let's just get this out of the way we got a super super exciting episode for you guys Wayne is the traffic guru for this episode we're gonna be talking about traffic we're gonna be talking about the the different sources of traffic that these places are not all considered the same type of traffic what's the king of traffic and so much more but thank you guys so much for tuning in what's going on way and how you doing today man I'm Graeme I've been a long day but been awesome listen it sounds like we've got your mic problems fixed guys I just want to say we are so so sorry if the last couple of episodes sounded a little off because we were dealing with some technical difficulties that's what comes with brand-new shows but if you guys listened to the last episode or if you didn't if you didn't you need to because it was about gdpr all of the really important stuff that you guys need to be concerned with as of next month may 25th right that's great yeah my first time a holiday typically so guys we are all around the world we're on iTunes we're on stitcher we're on google play go ahead and type in traffic domination podcast and you'll go ahead and see us there.

Make sure you subscribe to our channel also do not forget to check us out on facebook at slash traffic domination is that right Wayne that's it yes yeah yeah okay cool right now guys it's been a long week okay listen as much energy is coming from me right now I am dog-tired okay but we are here for you guys we're here because we love you guys we want to help you guys we want to help you guys grow so let's get into it way now traffic is the lifeblood of any business online right this is any business yeah this is a must-have this is something that you need to concern yourself with and become good at right now give us kind of a rundown 101 on what we mean by traffic what is it and what is it meant to do so traffic and I remember when I've built my first e-commerce website most people have a misconception that when they build their website magically orders it just going to start having anything well I'm just going to build this website and like people just gonna find it you don't even think about that but then the first problem comes along and that is find and traffic to finding relevant traffic sources to sell yourself so that's simply what traffic is it's basically and visit to your website I mean if you look at we've been looking at the stats closely and how many people listen to our podcast that is a form of traffic and so it's basically visitors to your website now there's a difference I mean you've got relevant traffic which is more likely to convert or you got junk traffic which you can just single dialer all day long I'll never give you any results so men is everything in between as well listen junk traffic I have my I have my fair share experience with junk traffic you know those I don't know

If you've ever been to the website Fiverr this is not a this is not a plug for them by the way you pay five bucks and they can deliver you 2 million visitors to your website this is not what we're talking about we're not talking about the traffic that's just garbage the robot traffic now you cannot stop robot traffic okay but you can minimize it through different techniques and things like that that Wayne could get into if he wants to later on but we're talking about we're talking about relevant traffic the things that you need to focus on the people that you need to get your yourself and your business in front of now when it comes to traffic now traffic is not just randomly getting somebody to visit your website what are some sources some of the main sources of traffic traffic domination specifically deals with and that people can expect just on a wider range so Facebook really is the kind of daddy face paid Facebook ads a the daddy and but it depends what type of business you're in as well and what your goal is so attraction markets and all pull marked and as some people call it if you've got a high ticket offer obviously people make a lot money that's how you you know when it comes to high ticket it's a better way of selling you building your audience and then you sell them to you to your audience and best of all that's kind of free which is always good and then you've got things like pay per click which is fantastic

I love pay-per-click and you can capture people different stages in the buying cycle so you can catch them right early in the research phase when they don't really know what they're looking for you can catch them right at the bottom phase when they know what they want they're ready to buy it you can catch them all all these different stages and SEO is another foot form of doing it it's not one it's one I used to really love if you typed in AdWords special ins into Google organic leo used to come number one it was number one for that seven years but unlike paid traffic you can be up and numbered one two three within five minutes of saying your ad live s you can take a hell of a lot of time for competitive keywords is near and if no enough impossible to kind of get there now plus you it's hard to engage a return on your investment with SEO whereas with a ad where you're paying for each click you receive it's easier and quicker to see a return on investment or whether the ads going to work or not depending on the keywords now just because now just because paid advertisement is a great quick kind of dirty option it doesn't always mean that it's going to be simple right because there's a lot of things that come into play when it comes to learning how to properly drive this traffic and monetize on this traffic right yeah and a lot of people won't think of it as a bigger marketing strategy so they might just do Bing PPC which is fine for when you don't cpa but the traffic is fairly limited on bing where as compared with google which has higher cpc's but a much wider much bigger audience so there's tons more people on Google for example and but when you tie it all in together with the retargeting campaign with your email campaign or your chat bot campaign it's about making it work together as well as best as you can and that's what we've kind of been going through recently is how to make it work all together make it really powerful now you were talking about how how Facebook is the daddy of of really paid traffic right now it kind of sounded a little dirty I gotta be honest that sounded a little dirty it sounded like you're you know you're calling your you know Facebook your pimp you know how prostitutes say daddy daddy but but Facebook really is kind of the home base the the the standard even when you're considering it faced up with with Google

It seems as if everyone and their mother is running Facebook ads and why don't you give us maybe a little bit of a brief overview as the difference of expectations when it comes to purchasing PPC versus a Facebook ad and and kind of the nuances between those two the the coming to PPC eh keyword Bittan okay so if someone is looking for night shoes and they type into google night shoes you know you don't know where they are at the buying stage you don't know when what they really want okay until they get more blue night shoes I don't know like a peg Pegasus size eight when they're that kind of narrow they know exactly what they want they're more likely to buy everyone that stage it's the end of the buying cycle knows that they're ready to buy so the CPC's goes up on those topic erodes wears with Facebook and you can kind of give people I mean the stuff they the stuff they do they say they don't listen to your messages and all this sort of stuff they do they're very the stuff they do they know what you're talking about with your friends and your messages and they will show you such relevant ads it becomes quite scary and on top of that you've got their pixels which you're a living Beast they're they're pixels are just crazy a simple way to think of it would be and you've got an opt-in page okay and then you've they opt-in you pixel them so you can just let that pixel loose on Facebook

They'll find people similar to what opted in then you've got a sales page people that bought your product okay do you think a week or two down the line you then let your sales that sales pixel loose and they'll go find people exactly the same as those the ball let's say you had a $1,000 upsell there you would then go find people that bought that one page not follow up so so them you can literally stack your offers and as you get more and more data on the higher ticket ones it can just go off on the face buttons find people exactly the same as those you can even go into debt so you can say people who have got American Express they they're known to spend more you can look at household incomes so you can really pitch when you know your kind of customer avatar you can literally find that customer avatar on Facebook when you drill drill enough it's phenomenal Facebook is it gives you such target and that nowhere else can I think Google's with their new interface they're kind of tried to be a bit more facebooking and but they just they're just they're just not comparing it they're behind the times right I always am seeing Google and Facebook fighting from the number one visited website spot constantly on those website rancors like and they're constantly beating one another out every other day or so or every other month I know but Google already owns the universe Facebook Facebook is trying to outbid then he's just trying to outbid them now now we know that Facebook is huge to marketers we know that it's super important we know that pixel inge and and ad tracking and all of this stuff really is key to making a campaign and really overall your entire business model do quite well in the long haul I mean what do new people in this industry people who are kind of new to traffic what are what are some of these things that they can do because not all traffic is created equal right not all traffic is is the same not all traffic is of the same value they don't have the same longevity and things of this nature what what can a new person really do and and what are some solutions

They can get into when considering going the route of paid traffic so that's a good question the first thing people have gotta think about is um how much they're willing to spend to gain a customer okay so that customer could be the first now let's say you've got an affiliate offer that pays a thirty seven dollar commission that is how much you can spend and it then comes in to understand a bit more in depth so you understand the lifetime value so that $37 and to a more experienced mark so they might be out they might be willing to break even or make a loss on it because they'll understand the lifetime value of that customer over say a year they might know that they can spend the dollars for a 37 dollar sale all right and then that later on what on average will turn to $500 per customer so it's really it really comes down to knowing your figures knowing what you're willing to spend and once you've got an idea of that that's when you start when you think right I'm willing to spend $50 a customer hey you can mean kind of look at what you think your average conversion rate should be like your sales conversion rate and average would be one to two percent and that will give you a rough cost per click that you can spend to gain a customer so it might be $50 to gain a customer and then you just need to know your fingers rate the funnel and sometimes it can be as simple as that adding another one off on the backend to get a breakeven funnel or profitable funnel and then you can just mark it to him for 8 the lifetime of that lead to expect as much money out of them as possible now what are some like major dangers that can happen to a brand new person getting into paid traffic because when you start to talk about profit and loss customer acquisition the lifetime value of a customer all these terms you know now I understand them a little bit more than I did you know 6 months ago when I started learning about paid traffic what are some dangers that can occur and what are things that can be avoided you know how does a newbie navigate this stuff so it's important to um the biggest one is just overspending and expecting something magical to happen I know it sounds strange but that's the biggest mistake I see is not controlling their budgets for example the second biggest mistake is not understanding the traffic source property so knowing your figures is number one not understand the traffic source is number two and um some of the traffic and PPC can be quite in-depth Facebook Ads can be quite in-depth so it's really getting the right guidance on how to run these and properly and know and when to stop a campaign - a lot of people will find what they thinks winning product and they just won't know when to stop before they know it they spent five thousand dollars and made 120 dollar sale and it happens a lot because people just seem to think without optimization which is really the key to everything and it's continuous optimization where people just don't know when to stop for some bizarre reason which I've never found it listen listen you're talking okay because I'm hearing you talk right now and I'm hearing you talk about me a year ago because listen I have spent so much money without understanding tracking without understand pixel lling without understanding

You know measuring data and I know you say data or whatever you know tomato tomahto potato potato but but all of these things I never implemented I spent a bunch of money on advertisement I would get maybe less than half of my investment back and I tried to regain my my loss via additional campaigns and it just put me further down the rabbit hole further down the the hole of not understanding my budget of not understanding where I stood in the in the cycle of my advertisement and not knowing that I could be potentially retargeting these people over and over again because on arrow you know the the rule with sales is it typically takes somebody between 7 to 10 times to see something before making a buying decision so what are maybe some brand-new beginner level you know top 5 10 steps that somebody can take if they want to go ahead and create let's say a facebook ad campaign the the biggest one and the one that really it comes down to two words track everything and optimize and it really is every form of paid after every four free advertising really comes down to tracking everything so your conversion rates because if you're not track and you can't optimize you sir it means if you don't know if you've got a squeeze page and it's done 20 percent but you're not tracking that you don't know and you need to track everything right down to you can have six different ads okay one ad could be done one hundred percent better and another read but if you're not tracking them individually you might have a winning campaign there and you might think that's not working because you're looking at the averages or everything and then it's track and everything through your entire funnel and or your you know that's why all these tracking software exists um and that really is everything comes down to track an optimize and what I do each day and what I love doing is optimizing campaigns it doesn't matter what campaign that it could be PPC Facebook it can be my own funnels it can be pretty much anything you know attract your marks and you've got your post and it takes off and you try and analyze why that did well and all these different traffic methods all come down to the same kind of basics ready track and intestine and optimize them all right cool so now optimizing and tracking is all what it comes down to now let's say if somebody is not 100% ready to pull the trigger on Facebook ads or Google Ads or anything like that

What is another solution available for a brand new bee who's not ready to do all of that well you've obviously got solo ads depending on your niche so you can get weight loss so you can get biz op and mo solo ads the beauty of them obviously that's what kind of started traffic domination in a way the beauty of them is it's one of them traffic sources where you can literally have everything sub being set up you can join one of these programs that set up all say everything up for you you pay your money you give your link and the traffic comes okay so it's the easiest form of traffic to get started with where people really goo wrong I mean we know there's a lot of places people do wrong is someone will tell them this campaigns been earned mean thousands they buy a hundred clicks and they're not earning thousands and and they don't know why so it's kind of people's expectations of marked and have got to be realistic from the outset as well and that's with all forms amount to not not just solo ads but that that's the beauty of solo ads is the ease you can get into me haven't got a really learn much and until you get more in depth when you start tracking your own funnels and optimizing news but that's a whole nother subject I'm assuming that people should be tracking and analyzing data from several eyes as well is it any different tracking wise easier the same level to do so with solo ads versus like a Facebook Ads campaign and it's once you understand tracking software it's all fairly slimming you can use this you can actually use the same tracks off we use click maybe you can use the same track software for Facebook as well and a lot of the programs that promote to solo ads come with a long tracking software and but the restrictions were that are you can't often take these programs and change them and optimize you optimize them yourself you're kind of stuck with what they give you and and if there's a hundred people promote and the same thing it's going to get washed out fairly quickly and and they there's so many permutations we've pseudo ads on the surface it's a nice easy traffic source as you dig deeper and deeper it it's the same as in any kind of traffic source you've got to do something you love doing and you got to immerse yourself in it it's kind of that's the way to succeed with pretty much any traffic source pseudo as is just the easiest to pay your money and get traffic now solo ads have you know really helped a lot of people solo ads have also a terrible durable reputation yeah give us give us maybe a quick tip or two and then I think you have some type of free gift available for our listeners we go ahead and let us know the bigger the biggest tip I can really give is find this these two big ones really find a seller absolutelly trust em and who has good traffic alright so that comes down to your track and again has good traffic I have mold multiple traffic sources proven sales I ain't jump on the jump on a phone call with them I speak to them learn to trust me the trouble with solo ads is there's a lot of not bad and not even bad sellers they will just send your bot clicks all right and someone that sends you a bot clicks will never jump on a phone call with you okay and the second biggest tip is the same another marked and it comes down to congruence so if you can get the solo ad sulla to like you a swipe around your offer okay the idea is

I shouldn't really be saying this is a solo ad fellas but the idea is to write an email that they can send to their list okay as a pseudo age solid I want to get as many clicks and man as much out of my list as possible okay clicks is my money clicks his dollars okay for me but if you came to me with an offer I would for you to get the best results and for me think like you're an experienced market you come with me with an email that email is designed to get rid of all the people not interested in your squeeze page but at the same time give a few little Mogu commitments and get people ready for that squeeze page okay so if your squeeze page is something like and turn $10 into $100 every day like that in the swipes or people know they got to pull $10 out of their pocket even put it in the subject line you see I mean people with $18 not wound spent $10 will not even open the email but you know if someone clicked the email and they and it says turn your for $10 in two hundred ology now they got ten dollars in their wallet ready to spend so your clicks you might your clicks may be slower but your sales conversions will be much Isis really about congruence and confidence for your funnel and if you buy different types of clicks make sure they're congruent as well so just make sure everything's as congruent as you can get it too many people don't for some reason I mean I don't actually get asked to write you someone else's email that much and if I do it someone orders a hundred clicks because their couch or someone's that told them to do that which kind of tells me again they don't really understand but if you can fight your own swipe and someone can use it and that is probably that one of the better ways to get um better results with other words listen guys that right there alone is worth the weight in gold of information because you're not gonna hear this from anywhere else you're not gonna hear these from typical solo ad vendors Wayne here is the guy that all the solo ad vendors tried to be and fail they failed okay listen I've been in these situations that you're talking about of where I just didn't know any better I just kind of said hey here's my link boom boom here we go 100 clicks later I I was down 50 100 bucks and and if I would have known just some of these things months ago I I think I would have been able to save myself hundreds if not almost thousands of dollars simply by understanding that I should find somebody that

I can talk to that I can go over questions with that I can talk about you know what kind of list are they do it do they like directness or do they like a little bit of finessing in the in the email swipe and typically I would just let people write their own email swipes since it's their less I figured hey why not but but I've noticed I've noticed in in the recent past that that very tip that you just gave is so valuable as it's so valuable that I had a run that actually did about 49% in conversion and not only did I make my money back in the investment of the solo ad but I became positive in it within a week from from from my email campaign my follow-up campaign series yeah I am so I heard something really interesting today and someone bought some traffic from one of my students he actually turned got turned down nine times because my student didn't believe that the funnel would convert not many people would do that I don't think I've turned something down nine times and that gives you an idea what you know people would get disheartened if someone done that I'm sorry I can't send to that kick but if we can work together make changes and because we've seen what converts we know you know what kind of converts so that tells you is the sign of a good sue lights are the one that will turn you down and work with you on optimizing and the best funnel I mean I seen my own traffic to my own products okay just to give you a bit of background at first I could send a thousand clicks and not earn anything but because I knew how to optimize and that is just test everything until it starts working and you literally watch your sales go up half of the thing or you watch you opting go up 5% which means your sales inadvertently go up and that's really what's kind of all about and one of my best converting products was simply it had a 20% up then there's a rubbish opt-in compared what moves people expect it had a they had to watch a 30 minute video they had to fill in a questionnaire and they had to do some homework but I converted those people it's once they picked up the phone and spoke to me so that was selling them a strategy call okay on how to start a home business once those people pick the phone up to me they were so hot it was I'm because the homework was watching a video of the testimonials or you know watching what we do getting an idea of the understand and doing the strategy before they even jumped on the call so they knew they would got excited they were ready to jump on the call and they were excited to be salty basically listen that's that's absolutely golden advice test test test optimize optimize optimize that is the name of the game and I certainly need to get better at it I know that I've got somebody on my side here just doing these podcasts

That is gonna help me along with everyone listening guys this is gold stuff make sure you re listen to this podcast take some notes make sure you jot it down you may even be able to see some of this content in the show notes below whether you're listening on itunes or any of the other platforms go ahead and make sure that you write this stuff down and figure out what you can do now now Wayne you have something very special to give away to our listeners today go ahead and let everyone know what it is so it's a guy that I've put together on buying so and so everything we're kind of touched upon in the last ten minutes and it's got how to use them in depth how to get the best results that's alright it's how to find the best suit or ad providers how to know who you work with is trusted is good how to get the best price other words it covers everything how to spot people that might sell BOTS how to ensure you're not buying BOTS basically how to find the best traffic you can get in terms of solar ads and it's a complete guide it's a you know did taint your while to put together and by well you gather by the way I've been through it I'm still going through a ton of it and just kind of taking notes and and and putting together my plan around it it's absolutely golden guys absolutely free of charge you'll be able to find the link for that somewhere in the description of the show below but make sure you pick that up guys it is completely free to you guys for being listeners do not forget to subscribe to us on iTunes also if you found at all any of this helpful go ahead and leave us a review on whatever platform you're listening on whether it be iTunes stitcher Google let us know what you think ask questions also send in questions also and if you want to simply send us an email you can go ahead and currently use traffic dot domination dot podcast at to send all of your questions reviews anything you got for us that you want us to cover on the show as it pertains to traffic and building your business and getting to the next level guys thank you so much again for listening we thank you so much without you guys this show would not exist go ahead and tell your friends as well about the show we will grab gladly appreciate that you got anything else Wayne for us not meant not really made but it would be great to get some questions it really would be great to get questions and some feedback and on how we're doing because we know our traffic's our listeners are growing which is fantastic and that excites me I think that's really tell you and what we're kind of what we're doing here that is awesome guys thank you so much for listening to the traffic domination podcast this is Rob Reese along with your host Wayne the bad man crow take these guys take care guys bye bye bye bye


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