How Manufacturers Have Tailored to Assembly Shoppers The place They Are

In 2020, marketers in particular were forced to accelerate the gradual shift to an omnichannel world and be available wherever their consumers are.

Data science consultancy Analytic Partners has seen these changes firsthand. Through its ROI Genome Marketing Intelligence platform, the company shares best practices in one of the most uneven trading environments ever.

“A lot of big brands were founded for this. Over the past five years, they have been adjusting their business to understand the importance of being present both in person and online, ”said Mike Menkes, SVP at Analytic Partners, during an Adweek Spotlight event this week. Menkes is referring to restaurants, including QSR chains, as “game changers” in order to adapt to pickup and delivery when the pandemic hits.

Maggie Merklin, evp of Analytic Partners, added that the food sector has also adapted quickly. “There has been a dynamic shift in terms of roadside collection and Instacart delivery,” she said.

See below as Menkes explains how he and his team use scenario planning for customers and Amazon advertising drives sales across multiple channels.

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