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In order to have a successful ecommerce platform, you have to pay to play. Some of the leading US brands are spending billions on advertising to secure their Internet advertising space.

If you can’t keep up with the big companies that are spending billions of dollars on their advertising campaigns, there are still a few ways you can get your brand known.

One such method is an influencer advertising campaign. This is a quick and effective way to increase brand awareness. You can also invest in some tools that make working with influencers easier. In this guide, we’re going to break down these unconventional forms of marketing.

As Using Social Media Influencers Can expand your ecommerce brand

Influencer marketing is the practice of working with well-known social media users to strengthen your brand. For example, if you have a popular skin care line, a well-known lifestyle influencer can try your product and let the audience know about the results.

This is a very effective strategy. In fact, 49% of users say they rely on recommendations from influencers on Twitter when making purchasing decisions.

Marketers also like influencer promotions. Almost 89% of marketers state that the ROI of influencer marketing campaigns is the same or better than other marketing channels like SEO or PPC.

The problem is, most ecommerce brands don’t have the budget to partner with companies like Kim Kardashian.

Swaypay ecommerce tools for influencers example Kim Kardashian

Working with micro-influencers who have a smaller but more targeted audience might be the way to go. However, you still need to worry about finding the right influencers, managing communications, making sure influencers are creating the posts you pay them for, and tracking the effectiveness of the campaign.

For smaller ecommerce stores or stores on a budget, this can be more of a problem than it’s worth it.

What’s the answer?

Try to use influencer marketing tools for ecommerce brands that make it easier to work with influencers by bringing the influencers to you.

Why Your Ecommerce Business Should Use Influencer Marketing Tools

E-commerce is a highly competitive market. There are currently more than 7 million online retailers. Those are many other stores for users to choose from.

The Baymard Institute found that two out of three users will exit their shopping cart after going through difficult attempts to browse products, fill a cart, and make a purchase.

Even if you can get customers’ attention, you need to keep that attention if you want to get conversions.

For ecommerce brands, influencer advertising helps leverage your customer base for your marketing instead of spending thousands on ads that may or may not actually work. Influencer marketing tools can help you connect with hundreds of high performing influencers.

In addition, influencer marketing tools often offer marketing tools like automated emails that reduce other ecommerce challenges like shopping cart exit.

Here are some more benefits of influencer marketing tools for ecommerce brands:

  • If the influencer selects the brand or product, the more likely the person using your product is genuinely interested in it. This makes their content more authentic.
  • Tools allow you to access a wider range of influencers instead of focusing on the people you already know, including micro-influencers.
  • Influencer tools can help you keep track of influencers’ niches, the quality of their target audiences, and their engagement rates so you know that the influencers you are working with are legitimate.
  • Tools that take care of all communication, content publishing and monitoring, making the process easier. This allows brands to sit back and enjoy conversions without having to close and close tedious deals.

Statista, a company specializing in market and consumer data, found that 88% of U.S. consumers used coupons to shop in 2020. Discounts and coupons are proven ways to retain customers and increase brand loyalty. According to RetailMeNot, 76% of consumers rate discounts as the most important factor in purchasing.

As a marketer, this offers the opportunity to reach a wider audience while promoting products.

By using influencer marketing tools, consumers can get great business and value for money. The added incentive of discounts has the potential to attract new customers by addressing them with savings and payment options.

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Influencer Marketing for E-Commerce: Tools to grow your brand

Brands have stepped onto the scene and are finding creative ways to use consumer marketing techniques.


SwayPay offers discounted influencer promotion rates that can be used to offset additional costs such as shipping, taxes, and fees. In addition, SwayPay offers a simplified payment option that adapts to the needs of consumers.

When browsing online stores, users see special SwayPay prices for products. When they buy a product they will be asked to add their Instagram account handle. By adding this information, they will learn what discounts they may be eligible for and how many Instagram posts it will take to receive the discount.

A user’s “influence” determines their discounts. The more followers he has, the less he has to pay. This ensures that the posts you are trading for will benefit your business and not just slip into the social space.

In the SwayPay checkout, the user pays the full dollar amount of the product with no discount. They then have 30 days to write the required posts and keep their discount.

This means that for a $ 150 item, a buyer can pay for $ 90 with two Instagram posts. SwayPay requires customers to mark them in each post, so compliance is mandatory.

Swaypay influencer discounts

This system opens up a range of new conversion options for companies. Customers are now given an incentive to complete their purchase and market the product online.

The SwayPay app offers its retailers double the number of Instagram branded posts, 17% more engagement on SwayPay posts, and up to 13% of all sales processed through their app.

Currently the app only works with Shopify and Instagram. They hope to settle down in the coming quarters and integrate their platform with companies like TikTok and BigCommerce.

SwayPay plans to introduce further options for fluctuation, for example a SwayScore, with which user purchases are rated and rewarded with additional discounts or prices. They also plan to implement a live receive feature that will allow users to generate sales more directly through affiliate payments.

Currently, SwayPay offers consumers the best ease of use and accessibility. The discount at the point of purchase as well as a clear and direct advertising task are unique and help brands, if their strategy works, to contact influencers more often and more efficiently.

Influencer Marketplace from Dealspotr

Dealspotr is an online platform that connects influencers with brands and offers discount codes through their website. They call themselves “LinkedIn of Influencer Marketing” and are essentially a meeting place for brands and influencers.

Swaypay Dealspotr Influencer Marketing for Ecommcerce

Brands can offer “free product campaigns” that deliver products directly to influencers, or they can choose a “advertising fee campaign” where they pay influencers a set price in exchange for promotions.

This gives brands greater visibility without having to find the right influencers and tailor the process to what works best for your brand. For example, you can offer influencers an exclusive discount code for their followers, or you can partner with specific influencers that fit your niche.

You can fund an influencer campaign with as much or as little as you want. However, Dealspotr recommends offering at least $ 100 if you want to work with small to medium-sized influencers.

In contrast to SwayPay, Dealspotr does not offer a point-of-sale option. This means that their customers can complete deals on the platform but need to find workarounds to apply these discounts to their orders.


Heepsy is an influencer search and marketplace that connects brands with more than 11 million influencers on websites like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter and Facebook.

Swaypay Heepsy

Like other influencer tools for e-commerce, Heepsy makes connecting with influencers a lot easier. In addition, Heepsy provides data on the influencer’s audience and engagement rates and gives the influencers an “authenticity score”.

You can also create influencer lists, make sure they don’t have a lot of false followers, and even monitor the effectiveness of campaigns.

All of this data makes it easy to find the right influencers for your ecommerce brand – and ensures that your influencer campaigns are driving sales.

If you don’t want to bother with managing the influencer process, Heepsy can do it for you with the influencer campaign management service.


Shopify is best known as an ecommerce solution for store building. However, there is one lesser-known tool that you can use for influencer marketing as well.

Swaypay Shopify Influencer Marketing for Ecommerce Tool

Shopify also offers group discount options that you can use to create special plans for your influencer community. By using the code, influencers can receive a set commission based on your agreement.

You can also add influencers to a specific customer group so that no one else can use that code. This will protect you from giving deep discounts to everyone if the code is leaked.

While this isn’t as comprehensive as some other influencer marketing tools (there are no pay features or influencer marketing metrics, for example), this is an easy way to take advantage of influencer marketing if you already have a Shopify account .


As the popularity of e-commerce continues to grow, it becomes more and more important to find inexpensive advertising platforms.

You can offer customers discounts on products in exchange for Instagram posts. These posts act as marketing channels for influencers and allow your products to be seen by more people more often.

By offering discounted prices, which research has shown to improve buying behavior, you open up your market to new customers.

Likewise, using influencer promotion is a great way to spend less on advertising and keep your budget where you want it to be.

What advantages have you found for e-commerce through influencer marketing?

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