Learn how to Ship Selfie Stickers in Direct

Did you know that Instagram allows you to send selfie stickers to other users via direct messages? Our guide will show you how to do it.

Note: These screenshots were taken in the Instagram application on iOS.

Step 1: In a direct conversation, tap the sticker icon to the right of the “Message …” text field.

Step 2: Tap the selfie sticker.

Step 3: If you’ve already created and saved a selfie sticker (for example, if you created one for use in Instagram Stories), you can tap it in the Saved Stickers section to send it immediately. If you need to create a new sticker, tap the record button under the camera window. Note: You have several options that allow you to create multiple types of selfie stickers. For example, if you tap the heart eye emoji under the camera window, you can add heart eyes to your selfie before creating a sticker. You can also tap the camera window itself to change the background for your sticker.

Step 4: When you’ve created a new sticker, tap the black and white arrow icon to send the sticker in conversation. Note: You can also tap Save Sticker to save the selfie sticker and use it again later.

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