My Picks For The High Social Media Influencers Of 2020



Influence is a social currency that we can spend for good or bad. When it comes to social media, what we say can have a huge impact in one way or another. Fortunately, among my favorites for the top social media influencers are those who make a good difference in the world. These people are all inspiring and offer sharp insights that make me work harder.

1. Shay Rowbottom

Every time I see a video or post from Shay Rowbottom I think this is going to be something I can use, it will be insightful, and I will probably write it down in a journal somewhere. I noticed a lot of other people commenting on and sharing their posts. Often it is about marketing, but she’s also started a new project helping people heal through a podcast and other materials.

2. Parker Pannell

I first wrote about the TikTok lover earlier this year and we kept in touch. His historic contributions (often through his family) make him an outstanding member. Sometimes we influence others by doing well. His videos are interesting, narrative, and funny.

3. Gary Vaynerchuk

You will find that I have added many LinkedIn influencers to this list that has become my preferred platform for businesses. It almost seems odd to include Gary Vaynerchuk because he’s so well known, but his brutally honest contributions have kept me excited all year long.

4. Poki (aka Imane Anys)

Technically, Poki isn’t just a social media influencer. She has been an incredible influence on Twitch and is active in the social field. By my own definition, it’s more about how much digital currency someone has, and she’s one of the top talent. I would also argue that Twitch is just as social as any app.

5. JT O’Donnell

I’ve followed JT O’Donnell for years, getting wise advice on work and job hunting, and watching their videos. What stands out is their delivery style, which is easy to follow, always insightful, and very practical.

6. Marina Mogilko

Sometimes an influencer makes an impact based on her approach and business success. YouTube isn’t technically a social media platform, but it’s social, it’s media, and it’s influential. These interactive and engaging videos also support a linguistic start.

7. Lance Ulanoff

Lance probably doesn’t even remember working with him as a feature writer for PC Magazine. He’s one of the biggest influencers on Twitter because his posts grab you with some urgency and are always up to date.

8. Katrina Ghazarian

I wonder if we can all take a breath now and then. That seems to be the point about Katrina Ghazarian that I follow on LinkedIn. Her humorous approach (even her bio is cheeky) helps engage an audience and build their HR business.

9. Stephanie Saunders

When I think of influencers on social media, I don’t immediately think of a property damage expert. Still, Stephanie Saunders offers well-produced videos, insights to help her audience, and tons of followers. That sounds pretty legitimate to me.

10. Elon Musk

You might find it funny to see Elon Musk on this list. Could throw Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates here too, right? Yet there is no question that his Twitter posts are influential and often brutally honest. He basically owned Twitter for the past year.

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