Ogilvy Turns into the First Company to Prime 1M LinkedIn Followers

Marketing communications agency Ogilvy was the first to reach 1 million followers on LinkedIn, doubling the 500,000 milestone it exceeded in 2018.

Sean Callahan, senior manager, content marketing at LinkedIn, said in a blog post: “Ogilvy is a great example of an organization that has used their LinkedIn page efficiently and effectively. This is a free way for an organization to share content and build followers on LinkedIn. Any organization can create a LinkedIn Page. Content shared on LinkedIn Pages will appear in the LinkedIn feed of whoever follows the page. When used cleverly, as with Ogilvy, pages can garner large, relevant followers and become channels for businesses to share with their target audience – including prospects, prospects, customers, and partners. “

Global social media manager and community growth strategist John Vetrano from Ogilvy explained in the LinkedIn blog post why his company is putting his side on the professional network: “First, we attract future talent by sharing the incredible and diverse talents of ours Highlighting employees strengthens our reputation as the employer of choice for everyone. Second, LinkedIn is a perfect platform to meet both current and potential customers where they are. On our LinkedIn page, we can demonstrate our creativity and strategic know-how to encourage consideration by key decision-makers. “

Ogilvy regularly shares content on his LinkedIn Page based on six pillars: creative work, events, news, talent, thought leadership, and webinars.

Vetrano wrote, “We’re going to look at the click-through-rate (click-through-rate) and download rate if we want the content to drive traffic to a recently published white paper. On the other hand, when we publish an offer from our founder David Ogilvy, we’ll look at the stocks and engagement metrics. “

He concluded, “The achievement of the 1 million milestone is a testament to all of the hard work our team has put in over the years. It is a testament to the incredible minds and creative genius of our amazing colleagues and a tribute to Ogilvy’s rich legacy of excellence from 1948. I think David Ogilvy would have loved LinkedIn. He understood the power of word of mouth and personal relationships in building brands, including that of his own agency, after once saying, “If we treat our employees well, friends will talk good about Ogilvy & Mather.” Assuming each employee has 100 friends, 250,000 people have friends who work for Ogilvy & Mather. Among them are present and potential customers. “

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