Playful Advert Bids Farewell to 2020 With Copy That is Solely Readable in Your Rearview Mirror

LONDON – With the pandemic, political and social turmoil, climate emergency and economic struggles of 2020, it’s no wonder that when the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve, many were ready to really leave the past year behind.

UK broadband and cellular operator Plusnet has launched a clever outdoor campaign that addresses people’s desire to close the door by 2020 with an ad that can only be read in a vehicle’s rearview mirror.

The ad, titled “That’ll Do”, created by Accenture’s own agency Karmarama, runs on motorways in major UK cities such as Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Bristol.

The reverse message is: “Leave 2020 behind? That’s enough “and only makes sense if the driver looks at it in his rear-view mirror.

“That’ll Do” is a popular slang expression, particularly in Yorkshire, a county in northern England where Plusnet originated. The phrase is a deliberately understated way of expressing joy in a situation.

“We wanted to summarize something that sums up how people see 2020 in a fun way, while also conveying the message of what ‘this will’ means for us here in Yorkshire,” said Sam Calvert, Marketing Director at Plusnet. “This campaign is designed so that passengers can enjoy and stimulate conversations that will last a year like no other. Like many others, we are looking forward to the end of 2020 and wish everyone a Happy New Year. “

Customer: Plusnet
Agency: Karmarama
Chief Creative Officer: Nik Studzinksi
Creative Director: Ed Robinson
Creative teams: Rachel Holding & Daniel Leppanen / Jon Coates & Josh Welton
Head of Design: Simon Wakeman
Planning manager: Claire Taylor
Senior Planner: Dan Cameron
Creative producer: Alex Politis
Manager: Alex Guyan
Account Director: Adam Davies
Account Manager: Sophie Kruger

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