Programmatic Promoting Case Research – Gaming App Business

Programmatic advertising, or programmatic marketing, is an automated technique of real-time bidding on a specific inventory for a specific group of people. The ad marketplace conducts the auction for the ad space available on a particular publisher’s website (and apps) and selects the one with the highest bid to place its advertisement on the virtual space. Programmatic advertising has become the future of online advertising because of the immense possibilities it offers.

Although there are multiple programmatic platforms, the Google Marketing Platform (GMP) has a powerful suite, with GMP’s DV360 (Display Video 360) being the market leader. The benefits of leveraging programmatic advertising through DV360 include delivering faster, smarter marketing based on the Google Marketing Platform’s machine learning algorithms, taking control of your investments, and understanding the audience at a detailed level.

What is fantasy cricket?

Most of you may already know what fantasy cricket is and how it works. For a better understanding, Fantasy Cricket is an online betting game for the players who play the actual cricket game and we are rewarded with cash in points based on the performance of the players we bet on during the actual game.

About Gamezy

Gamezy is the latest offering from Gameskraft – India’s fastest growing gaming platform. This app is a fantasy cricket platform that allows the user to choose eleven players from both teams of a cricket game. Based on the performance of the cricketers in the real game, the users of the app are rewarded with cash prizes.

How is Gamezy different from other apps?

Gamezy allows the user to change the Game XI at the end of the first inning based on the actual performance of the cricketers.

Unique selling points:

– Available in 8 languages

– Players can be switched before the start of the 2nd inning

– 5-a-Side (an option to play without having to select 11 players per side)

– Daily competitions and head-to-head games.

Campaign strategy

  • Platforms used: With Display and Video 360, a Demand Side Platform (DSP) in the programmatic area, we used both display and video networks. The display network with static and GIF format motifs was executed first, followed by YouTube which worked well with various video categories to increase the number of installs and in-app actions.
  • Show by Conversions (YT): Videos played an important role in scaling and improving campaign performance. Show through conversions refers to the installations that take place after a person viewed our video as an ad on YouTube. We saw a significant increase in the number of purchases or cash additions from view-through conversions.
  • The most important targeting that helped the campaigns perform is targeting DV360 via the interest category of “Fantasy Games”. By selecting this option, we were able to relax any other demographic filters that were applied.
  • An important feature is that the accuracy of the conversion numbers after clicking on DV360 was far better compared to the numbers on Google Ads. That was the Power of insight-oriented marketing.
  • Different motifs (animated / influencer): As mentioned earlier, the various categories of videos used branded videos and user-generated content (influencer videos). Animated videos, USP based videos, event / theme based videos, etc.,

The influencer themed campaign references an example where we used a “couple influencers” to talk about how to make money from Gamezy, which makes it easy for them to buy their Valentine’s Day gifts.

USP based videos showing the benefits of using Gamezy over other competitors such as 8 languages, 5-a-side and 2 innings as short stories or slideshow to increase the installation rate.

  • Managed placements: Optimize placements on YouTube channels / YouTube videos to exclude junk placements and run separate campaigns with the best-converted placements. This helped improve overall performance.
  • Retargeting It is not possible for real-time money based businesses to run campaigns in Google Ads. However, due to the server-to-server integration, this is possible on the D360.


Within 2 months we could see a 226% more in the Installed with a 50% Decrease in Cost per installation. Since this is a real-time money-based application, ‘Add money “ is one of the reach the most important in-app events. We managed to get one 378% more add cashes at 66% less cost per add cash.

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