Publish-COVID-19 technique to revive your social media fame

30 second summary:

  • Trends suggest that around 25% of businesses stopped marketing and advertising on social media in the first six months of 2020.
  • Facebook reports that 89% of advertisers rethought their budgets in response to the coronavirus outbreak.
  • This post tries to underline some of the strategies you can consider to restore your reputation and recognition on social media.

COVID-19 has impacted everyone and everything – from our lives and lifestyles to economies and businesses around the world. Business processes were forcibly suspended earlier this year as a preventive measure to end the pandemic. This is also reflected in paid advertising, digital marketing strategies, and brand reputation management efforts on social media.

COVID-19 and digital marketing

The number of people using social media has skyrocketed during the epidemic. Even so, many companies have disrupted their digital marketing and even social media because of the lockdown.

The social network is one of the most effective tools companies use to conduct marketing, branding, sales, engagement and customer care. And to get the most of it, don’t stop your brand’s social media activities. A brand should never do this.

In contrast, trends suggest that around 25% of businesses stopped marketing and advertising on social media in the first six months of 2020.

However, this cannot be said for forward-thinking marketers.

Facebook reports that 89% of advertisers rethought their budgets in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

However, it cannot be denied that brand activity has declined sharply and has changed a lot during the pandemic. As a result, many of their customers and others have lost their online reputations.

This post tries to underline some of the strategies you can consider to restore your reputation and recognition on social media.

1. Assess your situation

If you too had closed your social media when the pandemic started, the first step for you would be – evaluate. Take a look at the findings and evaluate the health of your social networks.

Do an audit that includes all of your social networks. This gives insights into the engagement and traffic your activities generated over that period. You will also learn what worked well and what didn’t work for you.

You can identify and understand the mistakes you made. This is a great way to develop or change your social media strategy.

2. Develop a positive and supportive brand voice

If you’re looking to rebuild your lost social empire, rethink the voice of your brand as well.

Check the voice and tone of your updates on each social network and see if they represent your brand.

The idea is to develop a positive voice for your brand that supports you and makes you feel like you care about customers.

It is obvious that during a difficult time like this, people don’t want to be targeted directly by marketers. In this picture, it makes perfect sense to build a brand voice that doesn’t sound overly promotional.

So this would be the right strategy to give your social networks a new voice – a voice and tone that is calm, positive, and always helpful.

3. Run campaigns that convey the benefits of your brand

While direct pitching can negatively impact customer behavior, there are ways you can indirectly promote your brand. One way is to explain the benefits of your products and services.

Another option would be to share stories about how your product helped a customer or how your service made an individual’s life easier. Posts like this one are a great motivator. They help build a positive brand image with your audience.

You can also encourage your customers to share their experiences or check out your brand’s social network. Such campaigns do indirect marketing for your brand aside from your efforts to rediscover your reputation.

You may want to make some strategic adjustments in your approach to social networking. For example, you can create and share visual content supported by keyword-rich subtitles or descriptions on your social networks. However, the type of content you share largely depends on factors like your brand, your products, and your audience’s media preferences.

In this way, you not only generate traffic, engagement and sales for you, but also create a name for sharing high-quality, valuable and most importantly useful content.

And just as a reminder, you don’t need a huge budget to start a whole new style of posts.

4. Social Media Influencer Marketing

Influencers can also help you improve your reputation on social media. Influencers are celebrities who you can work with to promote your brand to their fans and followers. In short, they will influence their followers – who follow the suggestions and advice of their idols. This is how influencer marketing works.

With 63% of customers trusting their preferred influencer more than brands do, you can hire an industry-specific influencer for your brand to quickly advance your branding efforts.

If celebrities don’t fit your budget, you can shift your focus to integrating micro and small influencers. When it comes to influencing, you get better engagement and results with micro-influencers than you would with celebrities.

Micro-influencers are students and professionals with a few thousand followers who want to make a little more money. They have an active follower base that they interact with on a daily basis. They can help you to reach certain market segments and to address target groups more effectively without major investments.

And to start with, you need a well-planned social media and influencer marketing strategy.

5. Implement social media tools

The best thing about social media is – everything you do here is measurable. Impressions, likes, dislikes, engagements, clicks and various other user actions can be tracked using the standard analytics feature of all leading social networks.

You can analyze user behavior based on various factors such as the time zone, age group, device, location, and gender of those involved in your updates. You can use these metrics to develop or change new social media marketing strategies.

However, using built-in social network analytics can be time consuming because as a brand you need to manage and analyze multiple social networks at the same time.

So, you could consider a comprehensive social media management and marketing tool that gives you access to all of the key metrics related to the performance of all your social networks from a single dashboard. Imagine how much time your team will save with such a tool!

6. Reply to reviews

Reviews are possibly the best thing that brands can do to build social media reputations. While positive reviews make everyone happy, negative reviews on social networks can increase your sales and reputation.

Take negative reviews and criticism as an opportunity for improvement. Cover every problem and complaint raised by customers and try to resolve their concerns in the same thread. It has two advantages.

First, it turns an unhappy and dissatisfied customer into a happy and satisfied customer. Second, it creates a positive impression that ultimately improves your online reputation.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should only respond to negative reviews. Also, don’t skip positive reviews. Thank you to everyone who posted a review on your timeline.

If it’s a positive review, thank them for their kind words. And if the review is negative, thank them for raising their concern and assure them that you will leave no stone unturned in solving their problem.

Bottom line

Whenever you restart your social network to regain your lost online reputation, try to be consistent with your activities. Respond to comments and inboxes on a daily basis. Plus, never miss the opportunity to socialize (that’s what social media is for) and engage with your audience.

Encourage your followers to share their thoughts on your posts. Celebrate parties and special days and display the pictures on your brand’s social network. These small but powerful steps and tactics will help you connect with your audience in a more humane way and improve your online reputation.

Birbahadur Singh Kathayat is an entrepreneur, internet marketer and co-founder of Lbswebsoft. He can be found on Twitter .

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