Social Highlight: Why creativity is simply the cherry on prime for Jeni’s Ice Lotions


To stand out as a brand in the social arena is a simple process for the viewer: First, something visually attracts them. Then they connect with it emotionally. Jeni’s whimsical, creative, and scrolling visual branding of Splendid Ice Creams manages to capture viewers in both ways at the same time.

A couple of things become clear when you read Jeni’s social pages: They have a clear vision, they put their customers in front of their advertisements, and they’re not afraid to do whatever it takes to tell a story and connect in people’s feeds to manufacture.

The social experience they create is influenced by the work of everyone at Jeni. They involve the broader team in everything they do. Therefore, not only is every aspect of their business represented in the end product, but social success is anchored in their culture.

Let’s take a look at some key ways this ice cream brand is drawing people’s hearts on a social level.

1. They take storytelling to a new level

Just like the traditional retail experience, social feeds can get hectic during the holidays. When brands say it is important to stand out this time of year, they mean it. Jeni pulled out all the creative stops with its 2020 holiday campaign, highlighting the season’s latest flavors with a mix of quirky set design and history.

These Instagram carousel posts even make for an immersive on-screen experience with Jeni dressed in wintry surroundings. But creativity doesn’t stop with the picture you see. They’ve made a history of taking it two steps further with creative writing and audio to deliver a complete vacation package per pint. It is reminiscent of old school advertising. Think captivating magazine ads with a half page scene setting.

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Yes, getting creative for the holidays has helped Jeni stand out from society during a chaotic time for people’s feeds. But it’s not just the festive image that gets noticed, it’s the complete package they deliver. They made a commitment to tell a story and weren’t afraid to create a production from scratch to make the content memorable.

Think about how your team can work more cross-functional – by tapping on visual designers or your creative team to drive your next social initiative. Or for a social team that does it all on their own, consider new tools that allow you to visually tell a story and leverage similar feelings from your audience.

2. You promote the community through advertising

Jeni’s conspicuous social presence is not about building an ice empire, but rather building a two-way conversation with its customers. Instead of ad-forward content, the brand takes a creative-forward approach, which results in the community becoming the advertising they need. Sometimes this is delivered in the form of reposting user content, sometimes customer comments, questions and convos are turned into content.

Jeni herself, founder Jeni Britton Bauer, also speaks out socially about the brand’s close relationships with the farms and dairies from which they source their ingredients. It has become part of their brand to use social media as a means of being transparent and actively connecting producers and consumers in a community.

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Putting history first means putting community first. By focusing on people – both behind their brand and in their audience – they create an environment where customers can see each other. For Jeni and so many other brands in 2020, this social behavior has helped them succeed in the crisis.

Assess your current community engagement strategy and look for ways to combine creative content with relationship building.

3. You present a clear point of view

Jeni’s is primarily a food brand. But when you’re scrolling through social networks and snapping an aesthetically pleasing snapshot of someone holding a bag of wildberry and lavender ice cream in front of a candy-colored awning, don’t stop for the scoop of ice cream. The brand is visually creating a lifestyle that you want to fit into.

When a brand takes the time to build a world in which their audience and product can exist, you remember that as a consumer. From the food to the frozen aisle, mentally immerse yourself in the chic social moments they’ve curated while looking at your next pint of Jeni at the grocery store.

Bring away

Jeni’s has created a clean visual person that their customers see, love and emulate in their own lives. As a result, not only do they rely on their own curated content, but they also have numerous options to republish UGC that fits their subject exactly.

Your brand has a clear point of view. Invite your audience to be a part of it by taking care of the lifestyle details that you curate for them on social networks.

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