Sprout’s Deal with Partnership Provides Worth for Clients

As a B2B software provider, Sprout’s frontline teams are often asked: What integrations and partnerships do you offer? This is a common and necessary request for any brand or agency choosing a software provider, especially in the marketing technology space. For some, the answer is too simple and simply ticking the boxes. For Sprout, it’s about intelligently growing our ecosystem to deliver the best possible customer experience – and knowing that every integration serves a purpose and brings value.

In 2020 alone, Sprout added an impressive list of new partners across the platform. From improved access to social data and functions to extending beyond the core social areas; From creating a narrower focus, through critical CRM and help desk solutions, to linking with critical workflow tools that make collaboration and access more seamless. As Sprout expands our offering of business and technical integrations, we work closely with each company to ensure that our strategic relationships and holistic approach to partnerships truly set us apart.

Here we introduce the latest enhancements bringing the best tools in the trade to Sprout customers of all shapes and sizes. If you’re new to using some of these, take a closer look at them. The result will not only be more successful use of the Sprout platform, but more compelling community conversations and engagements on your social channels.

Extend social media further into your company with CRM and help desk integrations

Sprout announced earlier this year a new integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 This compliments our existing suite of CRM and help desk integrations, including Salesforce, HubSpot and Zendesk. Frontline social media experts know all too well how challenging and nuanced it is to deliver a consistent customer experience across every interaction, especially when their colleagues have a critical context internally.

Fast, reliable and efficient customer service on social media is fast becoming the standard practice. With Sprout’s CRM and help desk integrations, companies can securely and securely share customer context across teams and systems. This will give you a more complete picture of the people behind the news and improve your communication with them.

Monitor five star service with a variety of review platforms

Sprout’s recent announcement of a Great integration with Glassdoor, the premier source of employee and candidate-driven reviews and insights for businesses, extends our existing reputation and review management solutions for Facebook Reviews, Google My Business, and TripAdvisor.

We all know that a brand’s online reputation has never been more important, and brand awareness certainly extends beyond your customers to include your employees too. Adding Glassdoor reviews to Sprout’s Reviews integration partners continues to provide value that extends beyond major social channels, and supports the growing trend for the influence and reach of social professionals to extend beyond traditional social networks to share with them Connect customers wherever they are.

Work smarter, not harder, with complementary work apps

Even before COVID-19 completely changed the way the world worked, the need for effective workflow tools on your social stack was paramount. With the new paradigm that businesses will be largely, if not fully, dispersed for the foreseeable future, it is critical that social media managers have access to the files and tools needed to stay productive and focused.

Earlier this year, Sprout introduced integrations with major digital asset management systems, Google Drive and Google Drive Dropboxand an open beta program for integration with the premier work communication and collaboration platform, Slack.

By connecting your Sprout account to systems to access multimedia files and configuring task and approval notifications in complementary work applications like Slack, you can work smarter, not harder, to complete the daily social publishing and engagement workflow.

Rely on the latest experiences with social networks and community platforms

Even if we expand our scope of integration, it is of course always a priority to strengthen and deepen our existing partnerships. We’re excited to have supported several key integrations with expanded access to data and functionality in 2020, including:

  • Extended Instagram Functionality – including many messaging features – as a by-product of Sprout Cooperation with Facebook to integrate the new Messenger API
  • Up to date Twitter Features including a Twitter Pro Media Video integration that allows customers to post longer videos through the platform.
  • Improved Reddit Data access in Sprout’s Listening Suite, which opens the door to more robust and powerful conversational data from Reddit communities.
  • Additionally Youtube Access to data for the recently released YouTube Videos report for a detailed breakdown of video and channel performance

Setting a gold standard for partnerships

We take great pride in the deep, meaningful relationships we have built with our technology and integration partners. Driven by our Sprout values ​​and managed with care, compassion, and persistence, these partnerships provide many benefits to the 25,000+ brands and agencies who trust Sprout to be their well-known social marketing system. Looking ahead to 2021 and beyond, we will continue to innovate with our technology, build new relationships, and keep our promise to provide our customers with the best possible experience.

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