SShield Evaluate – AI-Powered Automated Safety Device



  • Integrated, configured and enabled by default
  • Unlimited 24/7 protection
  • AI-powered, does not rely on virus databases
  • Successfully blocks 99.998% of attacks
  • Immediate and automatic notification when malicious activity is detected


  • Only available with SPanel

We are going to review SShield which is part of SPanel. After the great interest in our SPanel review, it’s a good idea to focus on individual parts of SPanel itself like SShield. You will learn what SShield is, what features it offers, and much more. Read our in-depth review below.

What is SShield?

SShield is a security tool that monitors your entire website 24/7 in real time. The tool is 100% automated using AI. As soon as an attack occurs, you will receive a detailed report of what happened and how you can resolve a vulnerability. You do not need to have any security knowledge, i.e. you do not have to configure anything. The tool is enabled by default and will run for all of your websites and code.

Properties of SShield

  • Integrated in SPanel and activated by default. You don’t need to do any additional work or update any settings. This is a great feature for beginners. Or really anyone who knows you don’t have to spend extra time configuring the tool.
  • All websites are protected from spam, malware and viruses. The number of websites is unlimited. All code that runs on your server is monitored and protected. All new websites and codes are automatically protected by default. This in turn means that even after adding new websites, you don’t have to do any additional configuration.
  • Websites and traffic are monitored around the clock. This means that the tool never stops working. You can have peace of mind knowing that everything is being monitored without constantly checking the status of the tool itself.
  • Immediate and automatic notification as soon as your websites are attacked with a detailed report. Your websites and account will not be blocked once the hosting provider detects an attack. After receiving the report, you will have time to resolve the vulnerabilities.
  • Successfully blocks 99.998% of attacks. This is a great success rate compared to other similar security tools.
  • Regularly tested and verified by RACK911 Labs. Another reason you can trust the tool to be backed by a leading security company like RACK911 Labs.
  • Powered by AI. SShield does not rely on virus databases or hashes like most other security tools. It uses advanced machine learning to identify changes and weaknesses in your code and websites.

Learn more about SShield and how it works here.

What is SShield doing differently?

One of the most important features is knowing the features that AI uses to scan your websites and detect malicious activity. This means that SShield does not use virus databases and hashes. Not all viruses are uploaded to the virus databases, sometimes they are not at all. Relying on databases is a bad idea when you want to act quickly or when you want better protection from all kinds of attacks, not just the popular ones that are already in the databases. This function alone puts SShield ahead of other security tools of this kind.

The other feature that really sets SShield apart from the other security tools that most hosting providers use is that it doesn’t automatically block your account or websites once the malicious activity is detected. However, you will be notified immediately with a detailed report and instructions on your next steps. SShield runs around the clock. Once you fix the problem, the case will automatically close. Scala Hosting has managed hosting plans with 24/7 support so you always have their help to fix the issues.

How do I get SShield?

As mentioned earlier, SShield is built into SPanel by default. To use SShield you need to use SPanel. At the time of writing, SPanel is used by Scala Hosting and VIVACOM. This limits your options, which is a disadvantage of SShield that you cannot use the tool on any website or other control panels.

If you want better security for your websites and code, we recommend that you sign up with Scala Hosting and use SPanel and SShield. With our exclusive voucher you will receive a discount. Scala Hosting is one of the best hosting providers that we have used and tested, and we have been recommending them for years.

Aside from SShield, Scala Hosting also gives you email spam protection and monitoring, as well as fully managed 24/7 support when you get one of the managed plans. If you are using WordPress, the SWordPress Manager will help you with the additional security of your WP websites.

It’s important to note that SShield shouldn’t be your only security measure. You still need to use the correct code and follow basic security guidelines when running websites. You can also use additional security tools to check and monitor your websites through SShield. The more the better.

So all in all, your websites stay safe and secure, especially with the help of SShield. Just launch SPanel and you can rest assured that your websites are being monitored and protected.

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