Stand out and enhance gross sales through the holidays

30 second summary:

  • Generate highly personalized and engaging campaigns to drive conversions.
  • Segment your contact list by analyzing historical customer data.
  • Remind your customers that you appreciate their support.
  • Use the power of social media to grow your lead base.
  • Create a sense of urgency to increase sales.
  • A / B testing campaigns to identify the best performing content.

A study by MasterCard shows that 77% of Americans will shop locally this year, while 82% of them will likely shop online. To get the most out of this surge, small businesses need to effectively focus their vacation marketing on digital channels. This guide will walk you through all of the steps necessary to drive sales and retention this vacation.

A. Use email marketing

1. Choose the correct subject lines

With the holiday season being one of the busiest for your inbox, it’s important to keep your subject line both impactful and festive. Your subject lines essentially determine whether or not a subscriber will open your email. An error-free subject line is both direct and urgent. By being direct, you are telling your audience what you have for them, e.g. B. a percentage discount or free shipping. The offer itself would get their attention. Consumers scan hundreds of sales, which would mean your offer has to be good enough to convince them. The holiday season creates the urgency itself, which is why it’s such an effective time of year for any small business. The urgency signals to your customers what your campaign is about. It’s ideal to use catchy phrases like “holiday season” or “holiday sale” as these will increase your open rates. If you personalize the copy of the subject line for the holidays, you can Increase your open rate by 50%.

2. Boost your CTAs with personalized content and in-brand email designs

Vacation content must be clear and talkative. SMBs should benefit from emotional campaigns during the vacation as they create a positive feeling that can be a powerful sales technique. By using an emotion-driven tone, you can use limited-time language in your email subject lines and call-to-actions (CTAs). Similarly, in-brand email design will grab your audience’s attention, guide them to your main message, and drive the CTAs you want. This is a clever way to create a sense of urgency and increase sales. Use short paragraphs and bullets to get the reader’s attention. Most email service providers have free email templates and easy-to-use editors to help you create eye-catching email designs.

B. Use segmentation to send promotional emails for your vacation campaign

Email always gives better results if you customize the message to suit the recipient. By targeting a smaller subset of your email contacts, you can tailor the content to precisely meet their needs. An example of this could be sending an email to subscribers who have opened your last two emails, live in the United States, and identify as women.

1. Understand customer purchase history

By targeting subscribers based on their previously purchased products, you can promote complementary products or suggest other products that may be of interest to them. Using purchase history is an effective way to segment customers, as you can customize email sends to match their buying behavior.

2. Customer preferences

Custom settings help you create email content that will appeal to subscribers. By allowing subscribers to set topics and frequency settings when they first sign up, companies get a higher engagement rate than sending generic emails to your entire contact list. A common strategy for clothing companies is to collect gender information so that they can tailor email content accordingly. However, depending on your company, you can add other relevant fields as well, such as: B. geographic location, age, etc.

3. Customer loyalty in previous campaigns

Getting your subscribers engaged in previous marketing campaigns is another way to segment your contact list. This way, not only can you reward subscribers who have shown greater interest in your business, but you can also take a different approach with less engaged subscribers. It’s a great way to improve your email deliverability and increase the overall engagement of your subscribers.

C. Create a sense of urgency through email marketing and automation

The sense of urgency is a very powerful marketing tool, like email advertising Creating urgency can increase sales by over 300%. To create a sense of urgency, plan a limited-time Flash sales campaign and offer customers free shipping. Using phrases like “seasonal offer” or “last chance” in your email marketing campaigns can also encourage customers to open your emails and purchase your products or offers. If your target audience isn’t interacting with your email campaigns during this time, you can take advantage of marketing automation and send them reminder emails in the hopes of reactivating them.

It’s important to remember when to go with this strategy to make sure the news is crystal clear. If not, you have a chance to encounter disgruntled customers. Test urgency messaging once it has been successfully defined and completed across different customer segments. When you’ve identified the copy that is getting the most conversions, share it with your subscriber base.

1. Take advantage of promotional discounts to attract buyers

A poll in January 2020 asked Online shoppers how their habits have changed Compared to last year, the most popular response showed that consumers shop at the lowest price websites. During this holiday season, shoppers will be looking for the best deals, although price cuts aren’t the only way to attract customers, but also for discounts that might be tempting, such as: or a simple discount on multiple products. If a product discount doesn’t seem feasible, it may also be beneficial to consider other options such as free shipping.

2. Engage customers through abandoned cart automation

There will always be shoppers who don’t complete their purchase and leave their shopping cart. Setting up automated abandoned cart emails during the holidays is becoming an important tactic for small businesses to attract and recruit these potential customers. Offering discounts and other promotions is an effective way to get customers back to your website and close the sale as they will most likely be browsing the various offers available.

To get the most out of the holiday season, small businesses should plan their campaigns early, test different strategies, and engage their audience by expressing their appreciation for their support.

Steffen Schebesta is CEO at Sendinblue.

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