The First Basel Bomb Occasion Leverages Social Media To Drive its Success

The first Basel bombing event uses social media to drive its success

from David

Social media has fundamentally changed the way people buy just about anything. From food to products and services to works of art and holidays, social media determine people’s behavioral patterns today. When FlowerBombTV decided to abandon her nursing career and move on to the art world, she knew she would rely on social media to bring her art to the fore. That led to the idea of ​​the Basel bomb. Before she could properly promote her new idea, she decided to get the word out on social media.

FlowerBombTV uses Instagram and other social media platforms to promote itself

Today hundreds of millions of people regularly use social media. This gives companies the opportunity to reach their target markets in no time. This is where FlowerBombTV came up with the idea of ​​using platforms like Instagram.

Since Instagram is a platform specifically designed for sharing photos and videos, it’s perfect for works of art. FlowerBombTV can play around with Instagram to find the best possible way to display their art. At the same time, she knew that her art wasn’t really meant to sit against a white wall in a traditional art gallery somewhere. So she decided to bring her art to life through the so-called Basel bombing event.

Social media is proving useful for the Basel bombing event

In order to present her art in the best possible light, she knew that her work of art had to be more of her. There she decided to turn her art into an event. The Basler Bombe is an event that turns the sale of art into a huge party. She used social media to share the word about her event in hopes that people would show up. The good news is that the event turned out to be a huge success.

Participants and participants could come to a huge house where they could reserve a table, order drinks and buy art at the same time. FlowerBombTV even had some professionals come and paint three separate cars for the event. When this was combined with live music it was clear that this would be a huge success. With this success FlowerBombTV is now also looking to the future.

More bombing events in Basel are planned for the future

Because of the integral role social media played in triggering the first Basel bomb event, FlowerBombTV plans to host more in the future. She also wants to get other artists to join in the hope that their notoriety will also increase. She understands the challenges being an independent artist and wants to find a way to give back. It will be exciting to see where FlowerBombTV and the Basler Bombs go from here.

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