The New York Instances Launches a Crossword Puzzle AR Impact on Instagram

The New York Times posted an augmented reality game called Shattered Crosswords on Instagram, made with Facebook’s Spark AR platform.

Shattered Crosswords is a twist on the Times daily crossword puzzle. Users can play the game by visiting The Times Instagram profile, tapping the Effects tab, and then tapping the game (or effect) they want to play.

When users activate the effect, they can use augmented reality to place a small crossword puzzle on the floor in front of them. Then you will receive a message. The answer to the clue appears in the air in front of them, even though the letters are broken into several pieces.

Users can move around their real space to view the fragments from different angles, and they can also use touch controls to rotate the fragments on the screen. When users look at the fragments from the correct angle, the pieces align to form the answer, which is then inserted into the puzzle. Users can repeat this process to solve the remaining clues and complete the crossword puzzle.

This isn’t the first AR effect the New York Times has posted on Instagram. The Times Instagram profile also features AR effects related to women’s suffrage, the effectiveness of face masks, and more.

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