The touchfree revolution is upon us – be taught from eating places

The touchless revolution is just around the corner – learn from restaurants

Pre-COVID-19 QR codes have not been widely adopted in the restaurant industry. Many restaurants have now removed physical menus and guests are scanning codes for menus.

Marketers take note.

Research by Merchant Centric shows that “in the six months that COVID began, the number of QR code mentions increased nine times, and 57 percent of Americans said they continued to use contactless payments after COVID.”

This means that a new trend in consumer behavior will now apply to multiple industries. From trade shows to physical products, consumers will understand how to deal with QR codes.

Previous obstacles included confusion about what QR codes did and the assumption that a separate app was required to access them.

For more insight, check out this new infographic published in partnership with restaurant technology company OneDine:


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