These Pretend Finance Adverts Spotlight a Actual Downside: Interval Poverty

Sanitary products can cost a fortune for lack of money. According to Règles Élémentaires, a non-profit organization in France, sanitary products can repay women 8,000 euros over the course of their lives.

Règles Élémentaires was founded in 2015 and distributes free toiletries to women in precarious financial situations who struggle to afford them.

The charity has launched a new outdoor campaign by the Serviceplan agency to raise awareness that 1.7 million women in France suffer from some sort of “menstrual insecurity” – some have to choose between their personal hygiene expenses and food purchases.

At the same time, a fifth of women do not go to school or work during their period, the organization said.

The outdoor 100 billboard campaign was created to look like advertisements for financial products that sell “menstrual loans”. The counterfeit product aims to give women the period protection credit to highlight the cost.

The issue of menstruation has undergone a significant change. For example, Libresse destroyed scars in 2018 with #BloodNormal, a high profile, award-winning campaign by AMV BBDO. Other brands have followed suit and made the conversation much more direct and honest.

And earlier this week, Scotland became the first nation to offer free products to everyone. This was an important precedent and critical approach.

Client: basic rules
Agency: Serviceplan
Media agency: Mediaplus
Title: Le Crédit Menstruel (menstrual credit)
Creative Director: Daniel Perez
Creative team: Aurélien Bigot & Benjamin Le Coz
Artistic director: Tram-Ahn Nguyen
Advertising managers: Tara Heuzé-Sarmini & Laura Pajot
Account Directors: Delphine Abou and Anïa Mouvet
Production: Trinity Films
TV producer: Frank Willocq

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