TikTok Particulars Updates to Be Added to Its 2020 Elections Information on Election Day

TikTok US security chief Eric Han said in a blog post that the platform’s fact-checking partners will help reduce the discoverability of content that prematurely wins a race before the results are confirmed by The Associated Press, adding This is added in certain cases where allegations cannot be verified or factual verification efforts are inconclusive, the circulation of this content is limited.

TikTok will also feature a banner alerting viewers to the 2020 election guide and its sections on unverifiable claims about voting, early declarations of victory and / or attempts to dissuade people from voting using Covid-19 as a tactic to suppress voters .

Beginning with Election Day, November 3rd, access to the Election Assistance Commission website will be added to the 2020 Election Guide for users who have questions about polling stations, opening hours, government registration requirements or any other topic.

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The telephone number for the election protection hotline is also given for members of the TikTok community with voting difficulties. This service is available in Asian languages, Arabic, English, and Spanish, as well as a video calling option for American sign language.

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Han said TikTok is also working with the AP to bring access to its interactive map – with live results from the federal and state level election races for election, Congress, governor and president – on the For You feed on its app .

TikTok users can also access frequently asked questions and answers from the National Association of Secretaries of State about the voting process, including voting by mail or in person, as well as how the election results are compiled and what to expect during the census process.

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The 2020 Election Guide is available through the Discover page, election-related search results, and election-related videos or verified political accounts.

Han wrote: “The interest in the US elections is palpable. Many Americans have already cast ballots and many more are preparing to exercise their right to vote in the days ahead. And while TikTok is not an app based on political debate or real-time news, we want to make sure we support our community with access to relevant information when they have relevant conversations on our app. “

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