Touchdown Pages: The Definitive Information

Email login page template

An email sign up page (also known as a “squeeze page”) is a page that collects emails in exchange for an e-book, report, or valuable newsletter.

Headline = What you get

People today are SUPER reluctant to reveal their email address. And I can’t blame them.

When you hand your email over to someone, you have no idea what’s next. They could start sending you a ton of crap, bombarding you with a million messages, and selling your email to the highest bidder.

Which means you need to make it clear what someone is going to make SUPER clear.

For example, if you look at the sign up page for the Exploding Topics newsletter, we used a heading to make it clear what you are getting.

Explodingtopics - newsletter subscription

Detailed subheading

Your subheading is meant to add more details to your offering, including what it is and why it is valuable.

Here is an example:

Explodingtopics - Newsletter Signup Subheadline

The headline we used is a good place to start. But it is still not 100% clear what you will get when you sign up. This is where the headline comes in.

Hero image

Your email sign-up page should have a “hero picture” showing what you will receive.

Remember: An “e-mail course”, a “report” or a “weekly newsletter” are SUPER hard to imagine in your head.

And your hero image makes your offer more tangible and real.

Explodingtopics - Newsletter Sign Up Hero Image

Above the fold CTA

I recommend using your first email registration form way above the fold:

Explodingtopics - Newsletter form above the fold

If your headline and subheading are strong, the majority of your conversions will be from this form.

Function list

If someone scrolls past your first form, it means they need more information before signing up.

Enter: The function list.

Learn more about why it pays to trade in your offer for someone else’s email address here.

The exact list of features depends on what you’re giving away.

If the squeeze page is for a webinar, you may have a list of the most important information someone is about to learn.

If this is a report, be sure to outline the strategies you will cover.

If it’s an email newsletter, please state exactly what you want to send them to you.

For example, the Exploding Topics page has a detailed “How It Works” section that walks users through the development, packaging, and delivery of the newsletter.

Social proof

As with any landing page, social proof can help increase the conversion rate of your squeeze pages.

This can be the number of people who have already signed up.

Backlinko - newsletter subscribers

Or testimonials from a handful of happy subscribers.

Explodingtopics - Social Proof

Second CTA

I recommend adding a second CTA at the very bottom of your page.

Exploding Topics - Second CTA

That way, your visitor will stop scrolling right over a CTA and registration form.

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