Trump Needs to Go to the Moon. How Do You Market Outer Area?

If Trump wins a second term, he will tweet about plans to establish a permanent manned presence on the moon and send the first manned mission to Mars. If he loses, chances are that these top space priorities will materialize in the next decade anyway.

It’s no big surprise: the financial potential of space and the increasing militarization of space have opened up great opportunities. And with the increasing humanization of space, the Moon and Mars continue to grab consumer attention. Here’s how you can capitalize on it – and market from, around, or on the moon.

establish contact

More and more brands are using the storage space to market their products. From baking chocolate chip cookies in space to experimenting with testing the exterior of a Lamborghini or a face cream, companies can use the International Space Station to test their products in space. While the results of the experiments tend towards little real terrestrial applications, the experience of being in space enables brands to realize their marketing potential.

Find partners in advance

Even if we do not have a manned mission to Mars or a permanent manned presence on the moon, we will operate non-governmental organizations in lower orbit in space tourism. These companies will look for creative ways to keep the people in orbit entertained. This may seem difficult for terrestrial businesses, but what if you had something on the moon: projection mapping capacity or a laser light show? VR headsets that allow people to experience what it’s like to be on the moon without stepping on it.

See guard

In Season 1, Adrienne Vit leaves a message on one of Jupiter’s moons with the dead bodies of a utopia created by a mythical blue god. You can also toss symbolic bodies in marketing messages on the moon. Secure future permits to create giant shapes on the moon that are best viewed through a telescope. Think of it as public moon art. My money is for Coca-Cola to do this before any other brand. File also under the Epox moment for capitalism.

Stay close

Sometimes it is enough to just appear on, near, or around the moon. Earth-based experiences using the moon in new and novel concepts or otherwise capturing it will provide entertainment and harness our fascination for life outside the planet. Think: domed hotels, drinks that change color when they are touched by the moonlight, and fabrics that react to the moon rise.

Permanent residence

Imagine an alternate reality. Regardless of how you feel about the election, half of America will be disappointed with the results. If that is you, maybe there is something to say about Finding Your Way to the Moon and WFM (Work of the Moon). So you can send emails, run Google Ads, and discuss creatives while on the moon.

There will be no permanent presence on the moon in 2021, but sometime in this decade we will see the beginning of one. That means we should plan now how we can have more fun, be more connected with them, and in other ways see what imaginative solutions we can find to connect with the wider world beyond our planet.

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