Twitter Brings Again Its Authentic Retweet Performance

Everything old is new again, as Twitter brought back its original retweet functionality this week.

As part of its efforts to protect the U.S. presidential election, the social network began displaying a retweet request to users in October, encouraging them to quote tweets instead so they could add their own comment and context.

Twitter support stated the reverse in a series of tweets: “Our goal in prompting quote tweets (rather than retweets) was to encourage more thoughtful reinforcement. We don’t think this has happened in practice. The use of quote tweets increased, but 45% of them contained single word affirmations and 70% had fewer than 25 characters. “

The social network added that the increase in quote tweets was offset by a 20% overall decrease in sharing via retweets and quote tweets.

Twitter support tweeted, “We’ll continue to focus on promoting more thoughtful reinforcement. We believe this will require multiple solutions – some of which may be more effective than others. For example, we know that asking to read articles leads to a more informed exchange. “

After learning from this product experience, let’s share an update: Today the retweet functionality will be back to what it was before.

Here’s what we saw when we requested Quote Tweets (1/4):

– Twitter support (@TwitterSupport) December 16, 2020

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