Using Social Media to Promote Giving

Using Social Media to Promote Giving

Social media is a great way to go beyond just fundraising for charity. but also to change the view of philanthropy. According to communications pro Josh Nass, there is no one right way to give. In other words, it really is something that is open to both interpretation and creativity. This subjectivity has been harnessed in recent years with the advent of all kinds of digital tools that have streamlined the process.

We have seen charity campaign platforms over time that have tried to revolutionize the way people do charity. Indeed, the advent of the internet has helped mobilize coalitions representing diverse backgrounds of people giving money to charities that they are passionate about.

From a social media perspective, Josh Nass believes this is a trend that will only accelerate over time. Ultimately, there is little doubt that making philanthropy more accessible to people from different backgrounds has a wonderfully constructive effect.

The amount or size of the donations that people make is of little material importance. It is the act of benevolence itself that must be recognized and deserved. When people of all beliefs and backgrounds receive more donations, philanthropy itself is redefined for the better.

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